GCSE Textile Coursework Lays the Foundation for a Host of Exciting Study Routes

GCSE Textiles Coursework is for Students who are Interested in a Career Related to Apparel Industry

The General Certificate of Secondary Education is an important qualification which is awarded to students on particular subject areas. The GCSEs is an essential part of the educational curriculum in countries such as England, Wales and Northern Ireland as well as other international locations which follows the British educational system. Subjects for the GCSEs such as English, mathematics and science are compulsory. However, there are other elective subjects which can be selected by students, depending on their career interests. An elective suitable for those who plan to pursue a career in the apparel industry would be textile technology and GCSE textiles coursework will be an integral part of following this subject module.
Coursework of this type is often selected by students who are interested in designing, fabric technology, apparel production or merchandising careers. These students need to apply a significant amount of creativity and ideas in order to successfully complete this coursework as it is a combination of both theory and practical knowledge that produce competent experts on the subject.

Textiles Coursework for GCSE

The coursework is divided into two segments and the overall grade provided for GCSE coursework in Textiles is 60%. This is a very high component of the final mark and the importance of doing well in the coursework needs no elaborations. Students will have to explore a range of techniques, materials and the process of material production in answering the coursework questions. In addition, they will have to include their own viewpoints on the subject as well. Providing their viewpoints are an important process to GCSE textiles coursework, as these fields call for personal creativity to be combined with a strong technical and theoretical knowledge.

Approaching Textile Coursework Writing

Coursework writing in textile can be complex unless a proper process is applied to the task. There are many ways in which the task can be approached based on the scope of the assignment. For example, students will be able to select a topic where they will be able to write about different types of textiles, history of textiles, the process involved in making materials, the different types of fabric used, new technologies of textile production, the eco friendly textiles, culturally influenced textile designing industries etc. Choosing an interesting topic within that subject area will make the process of writing the coursework more manageable as students can master more enthusiasm to study and read on a topic that interests them.

Writing Textile Coursework for GCSE

The writing of textiles coursework for GCSE is similar to that of writing any other type of coursework. The same rules which you applied to the writing of English coursework or biology coursework should be applied to that of textiles coursework as well. You will have to ensure that the assignment requirements are clearly understood, the correct format is adhered to, writing style is clear and the right amount of theory and application is made evident in the work. The assignment may call for drawings, illustrations and other graphical supplements to augment the written material. Students should pay attention to such requirements diligently to score maximum possible marks for the coursework. Apart from this, you will have to consider the due date of your coursework paper as well as your efforts will be in vain if the coursework paper is not delivered on time.

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