Guaranteed Success with GCSE Media Coursework

Writing GCSE Media Coursework Needs Knowledge and Practical Capabilities

GCSE Media CourseworkThe GCSE is an examination which students between the ages of 14 and 16 will study for, if they are following the British examination system. British GCSE, AS and AL exams are conducted by a group of exam bodies accredited by the educational system. These include the AQA – Assessment and Qualifications Alliance and SEG – Southern Examining Group which is a part of AQA. EDEXCEL – Edexcel Foundation and OCR – Oxford, Cambridge and RSA Examinations and also the CIE – Cambridge International Examinations which mainly offer British exams overseas. This coursework will consist of three core subjects and four optional subjects. Therefore, students who are interested in media field can select Media subject and do GCSE media coursework for their exams.

An Overview of Media

“Media” refers to various means of communication. For example, television, radio, and the newspaper, magazines, multimedia presentations, web sites are different types of media. It can also be used to refer to the press or news agencies.Media comprises of various forms of communications and used to convey propaganda, advertising or any other form of message to a wide public audience. Some of the media may include short films, advertising clips or music videos and other means of media. Coursework in media will consist of practical as well as theoretical knowledge.

Assessment of Media Coursework

60% of the final mark is given for media coursework for GCSE. This is a large percentage. The media coursework for GCSE comprises of three assignments. These include introduction to media, cross media study and practical production. Apart from the 60%, you will be taking an examination which is worth 40%. This is a one and half hour paper where you will write on an assigned topic. This is one subject where the coursework component scores higher marks than the exams, which is why students need to do extremely well in the assignments if they are to score an overall high grade.

Writing the Coursework

One of the toughest assignments which students face when doing coursework, is the coursework writing assignment. This is no different when they write the media coursework for GCSE. What is required is for the students to communicate clearly and creatively, organize their ideas in a manner which is structured and demonstrates knowledge in the best manner possible. The work you present should demonstrate how well you have grasped the core concepts of theory and how confidently you can apply these to the practical aspects. This is what will make an excellent GCSE media coursework.

Topics for the Coursework
Selecting topics for media coursework GCSE can be a tough task. Most students find that whatever the coursework, be it English coursework or history coursework, this is one area where they stress the most. However, as media is a wide subject area, there will be ample topic choices which can be selected. These include broadcast media, print media, and electronic media to name a few. The media topic you select should be familiar to you. It should fall within the parameters set for topics indicated in the coursework guidelines. This will make the writing easier as you will begin with some knowledge about the topic and can add to it through research.

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