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Expand Your Knowledge of History by Doing GCSE History Coursework

GCSE History Coursework The GCSEs are one of the most important examinations sat for by students in the UK. The grades which they receive for the GCSEs make it easier to choose AL study streams of your choice and also aids in the times of entering university. The curriculum studied in grades 7, 8 and 9 lead up to the GCSEs which will be done in years 10 and 11. While English, mathematics and science are compulsory when doing GCSE coursework, subjects such as history, art, languages and geography are optional. Let us discuss GCSE history coursework and how students can excel at it.

Assessment Criteria

All students who are doing any type of coursework should be aware of how their papers will be assessed. It is common knowledge that coursework is provided in order for teachers and professors to be able to evaluate students and their grasp of the subjects taught. It is also beneficial if students knew how their coursework paper in history is graded. Assessment will be by three examinations which are worth 75% and coursework which is worth 25%.

Importance of Doing Coursework in History

By doing GCSE history coursework, students are able to enhance and enlarge their overall knowledge of history and develop their research abilities. History is a subject which is important to all students because having basic knowledge of their history and of the world is useful. By doing coursework writing in history, you are able to provide your professor with an indication of what a good researcher you are, your knowledge of history as well as your ability to write effective coursework papers.

Topics for the Coursework

Topics for the coursework in history are vast and therefore, students need to make sure that they narrow them down considerably in order to be able to manage it successfully. For example, you may be assigned the task of writing about the Cold War from 1945 to 1975. This means, you will have to select on aspect of the Cold War to write your coursework on. This can be defining the Cold War, the origin of the Cold War, the Vietnam War etc. Another example will be the Russian Revolution. You will be able to write about the impact of the war on Russia, how the Great War affected the emergence of the Stalin Dictatorship etc.

Writing Coursework in History

History coursework for GCSE is judged by the manner in which it is written. Proper attention should be given to structure, format and content placement. The format for the history coursework will most often be assigned and it is important that students have good understanding about the formatting requirements before they begin the writing of their coursework in history for the GCSEs.

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