Tips on Doing Your GCSE Coursework Successfully

GCSE Coursework – A Step Closer to Being Accepted Into University

The General Certificate of Secondary Education or GCSE for short is a certificate awarded to students in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Done by students between the ages of 14 and 16, this certificate is awarded to students when they pass a variety of subjects which include, math, English, science, religious education etc. Most of the GCSE coursework will consist of essay writing and some experiments depending on the subjects selected. Having a GCSE certificate is beneficial as with this, the chances of acceptance in to universities are more. Therefore it is important that students do an excellent job with their coursework.

Contents of GCSE Coursework
This certificate is an important part of a student’s life. Students who are doing GCSE coursework is able to select whatever subjects they wish to. However, math, English and science is compulsory. There are a variety of other subjects which can be selected ranging from history coursework to IT coursework. Doing this type of coursework will test the students’ theoretical knowledge as well as the practical knowledge. For example if the students are doing literature coursework, they will have to listen or watch a stage production, and they will be required to write essays on their observations. If students are doing science coursework they will have to conduct experiments and write essays on its results. Coursework is necessary for examiners to be able to evaluate their students on how well they have comprehended the subjects taught in class.

Writing Coursework
Writing coursework essays is time consuming and it requires dedication. You cannot haphazardly write good coursework, it has to be done in a careful manner. Almost all information written for coursework is based on facts. Therefore, there is an extensive amount of research which needs to be conducted. Before beginning writing the coursework students should ensure they understand the requirements which are to be adhered. These include formatting, how the essays are written, structured etc. GCSE is done in the UK students should keep in mind that they need to use the proper British English and not the American English. If students have any need for clarification about anything, they should speak with their tutors and obtain the proper understanding of the requirements.

Importance of Good GCSE Coursework
GCSE coursework takes up approximately 30% of the students’ final grades. As a result students need to ensure that their coursework is done in the proper manner.

Unlike ordinary exams students have the ability to space out their studies and complete their coursework in a number of weeks. Although this gives the students the false impression that they are able to relax, this should not be so. Coursework writing is not like the writing of essays. It will take up quite a lot of the students’ time. Therefore, in order to obtain that grade students need to be organized and apply themselves to their coursework diligently.

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