How to Obtain an A for GCSE Biology Coursework

GCSE Biology Coursework Should Fulfill All Requirements and Criteria to Obtain a Good Grade

The GCSE certificate is much appreciated in the European continent. Students hoping to obtain their GCSE certificate know the importance of doing their best when it comes to coursework. As per the modern curriculum the coursework submissions account up to 30-40% of final grades depending upon the subject. Having good grades as A’s and B’s in GCSE certificate provides students with better chances of enrolling in preferred study steams in A Level studies. As there are many subjects with relation to the GCSE, we will discuss the essay writing part of GCSE biology coursework.

Knowing the Coursework
Biology coursework includes not only theoretical knowledge but also practical knowledge as well. These will include, project reports, field work, experiments and observations. Students will be required to conduct practical research on certain subjects and write their results in the form of an essay. This essay has to be written in accordance with all the coursework requirements and criteria if students wish to obtain a high score for their biology coursework.

Requirements of the Coursework
GCSE biology coursework is a stepping stone into the more advanced A level biology coursework. With the knowledge gained from doing the GCSE, students are better able to handle their biology coursework for A levels. When writing the coursework students must adhere to the requirements set forth in the guidelines. This guideline will provide students with the proper structure which needs to be followed as well as format, referencing, word limits and submission deadlines. The guidelines usually come with an assessment guide. Do not consider as immaterial to you. It is your guide to where you can earn marks in the assignment. Tailor your work to suit the marks allocation indicated in this assessment guide.

Writing the Coursework
Writing any coursework is time consuming. There is much preparation, research and dedication involved. If students wish for a good grade, they need to ensure that they spend the right amount of time and effort on their coursework. Therefore, the guidelines mentioned below should be followed in order to obtain a good grade for the coursework.
• Do not put off the writing process till the last minute. This is the worst mistake students can make when doing their biology coursework writing. This will only make you miss the coursework submission date. Draw up a time schedule and make sure you adhere to it.
• Select a topic which is easy and familiar. If the topic is interesting it will motivate you to do better.
• Stay within the subject. Do not deviate from it. This is very common in students doing complicated coursework subjects such as biology coursework.
• Use both the study text as well as other sources to enhance and enrich your knowledge as well as the work you do.
• Dedicate yourself to the assignment. A job done with dedication is a job well done.

GCSE biology coursework can be handled without much difficulty if students adhere to the guidelines provided by the exam board and the guidance given by the tutor. Since this is a milestone in your high school life, make the effort to ensure the outcome to be memorable and impressive.

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