Doing My Coursework – Dos and Don’ts

How Do I Complete My Coursework Successfully?

Most students when given their coursework assignments will find themselves asking questions, such as, “how will I do my coursework? How will I be able to complete it on time” or “Do I need to buy coursework?” etc. However, coursework is not a major issue if there is a proper understanding of coursework tasks. Let us find out what entails coursework and “dos” and “don’ts” of assignment writing.

What is Coursework?
Coursework is given to students in middle school to high school and during university studies. Some are general coursework while others are intended for educational certificates such as GCSE or Advance Level. Doing coursework is important as it contributes to the students’ overall grade. It also helps the student to expand the knowledge on the subject. Coursework can be done in many forms and these will include, essay writing, reports and experiments, projects and fieldwork as well. Coursework is less extensive than a fully fledged dissertation writing project but requires significant number of hours to be committed for successful completion. The difference between coursework and normal exams is that a longer time frame  is set for coursework unlike the exams. Students can also refer to sources instead of depending on information in the memory.

How to do coursework?
As all most all coursework involves extensive writing it is a prerequisite that in-depth research be done on the assigned topic in order to write a good coursework paper. Using a mix of reference sources is critical and citing them properly is expected. As coursework instruction sheet provide the coursework requirements and task, students must refer to this carefully. Understanding the coursework requirements is the foundation of good assignment writing.

Proceeding with coursework
1. If assignment topic or essay topic have not been assigned it is important for students to select topics which are interesting and relevant which will keep the student motivated.
2. Planning and being organised will facilitate better writing as this helps students write in logical fashion and complete the work ahead of time.
3. Before beginning the writing process, it is important for students to research the topics thoroughly. Once extensive knowledge is acquired regarding the topic only then should the student proceed with the writing process.
4. Use of an outline will guide the writing to be well structured and logical. It also helps you to include the important points and to address key tasks outlined in the coursework assignment.
5. Presentation is important. A good coursework is always edited and proofread for spelling and grammar errors.

Things to avoid when doing coursework
1. Leaving things till the last minute is the biggest mistake students make. Assignments such as essay writing takes up significant time and you will not be able to complete these to high standard in few hours.
2. Writing the coursework only when half the research is complete will make it difficult for the student to submit well done coursework.
3. Not reading the coursework instructions properly or misreading them is another cardinal error.
4. The most important item when doing coursework is to avoid plagiarising. This is a very serious offence and will result in the student being expelled from school.

Doing coursework is a challenging task for some. This is why most wants to enlist assignment help. However, in future if the question of “how to do my coursework?” ever crops up in your mind, the abovementioned tips will hopefully be useful.

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