Doing Coursework for A Level

What you need to know about doing Coursework A Level

A Level refers to the General Certificate of Advance Level qualification which students who complete high school are expected to achieve. This is the qualifying requirement for gaining entrance to universities and colleges, hence a very critical qualification for students. The qualification is awarded for those who pass the examinations and a combination of assignments and coursework A Level.

There are various types of coursework for A Level. During the high school years, teachers develop the student’s skills of completing coursework successfully by providing mock assignments and coursework which are similar to those that can be expected as A Level coursework. These coursework can be in different forms as:

1. Written Essays and Papers
2. Field experiments and reports
3. Lab experiments and reports
4. Demonstrations, speeches and presentations

Depending on the A level subject, the approach to coursework will differ. Some subjects will call for essay writing while other subjects such as biology or chemistry coursework will involve experiments as well.

To impress the examiners with quality coursework, students must educate themselves of the format required, the structuring and how to write different forms of coursework. This includes a good understanding of different types of essays. For instance, your marketing coursework may require an analysis essay while the ICT coursework may need a design essay on a website or a data base. The student must also demonstrate a combination of skills such as analysis skills, research skills, general writing skills, creativity and ingenuity of ideas and recommendations and application of theory to practical situations.

• Few Guidelines and Tips
To do well in coursework for A Level, we propose that you follow some of the following guidelines and writing tips.

1. Be clear on the requirements. Read the coursework info carefully and make sure that you understand the objectives and expected outcomes. There may be a coursework rubric or a marking guide to indicate the weightage you may allocate to different elements of the paper or assignment.

2. Apply the proper essay format and structure to your work. Lab test reports, field reports, presentations or essays will all have set formats which are expected to be complied. Gain a good awareness of these required formats and apply then to your coursework.

3. Use essay outline and plan your work properly. Work with a clear objective and incorporate it in to the outline so that your writing stays focused.

4. Apply proper and applicable theory which you have learnt in the course module and back it with evidence and findings. Cite your sources properly and accurately as per required citation style. It can be MLA, APA or Harvard.

5. Make sure your coursework is presented professionally without spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.
By incorporating this writing advice your “Coursework A Level” will meet the high standards expected by the examiners, getting you impressive grades. For coursework help of any sort, approach coursework-writing for further information.

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