Do you know How to Write Essay Introduction?

Knowing How to Write a Good Essay Introduction is Key to Effective Essay Writing

An Introduction is crucial in any matter since it makes the first impression. So, it goes without saying that knowing how to write essay introduction is essential in effective essay writing. It’s common for student coursework to require writing of various forms of essays. If you are good with writing a striking introduction, then you have a head start in your job.

Gaining Attention

The general structure of writing specify that every essay should have an introduction. In the essay introduction, a general description of the topic you will be writing on as well as your thesis statement should be included. The introduction should be interesting and attention grabbing. The opening sentences should striking or startling the reader and shaking his senses up. The introduction should be intriguing enough to make the reader want to know more of the matter.

Length of Introduction

If you know the basics of writing a good introduction, then you will know that it should not be too lengthy. Usually an introductory paragraph of a short essay will be limited to a maximum of 100 words. But if you are to write a long persuasive or argumentative essay of approximately 3,000 words on an issue such as “Importance of Diversity within organizations”, then you can dedicate a one page up to 300 words for the introduction. The key is to balance the weight allocated to the introduction with the rest of your essay.

While you may have your own unique opening lines, here are few suggestions for good essay openings.
Quote some startling fact – “World is likely to Run out of its Drinking Water by year 2050!” Do we wait till our taps run dry or join forces to preserve our water resources? This essay aims to discuss various water conservation methods which we as individuals can practice.
Quote an eloquent phrase by a known personality – “Live and Let Live was Aquinas preached for a harmonious society. There are many grounds on which different individuals differ. Being different does not mean being bad, This essay aims to provide you will a well reasoned argument as to why we should sanction Same Sex Marriages
UN termed it as a Human Catastrophe of unprecedented scale! Thousands of civilian casualties were suffered within few days in the last battle against terrorism between government forces and terrorists in Sri Lanka. But the tough stance of the government against terrorism ended 30 years of civil war. Are civilian casualties too high a price to pay for peace? This analysis essay will provide an in-depth critical analysis of battle against terrorism and the resulting disruption of civilian lives all over the world.

As you can see different forms of essays will require different type of essay introductions. Some can be light hearted while others need to be more formal. If you find yourself in difficult of starting your essay with a good introduction, visit site and read few of the sample essays posted by their expert writers. The company offers essay writing assistance, coursework writing assistance, dissertation help and proofreading services for students who need essay help.

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