Dissertation Proposal Example – What Use of It?

Using a Dissertation Proposal Example Can Guide Students on the Right Direction

A well written dissertation is essential for obtaining a degree and every student have to do their very best to ensure that the dissertation they write is excellent. The essay writing done in high school has prepared students somewhat, to the writing which can be expected in graduate school. However, they are still not prepared when it comes to the highly demanding writing skills to be applied in to a dissertation project. Even before the students starts upon the dissertation, they have to apply excellent writing skills in to convincing the dissertation committee to approve the dissertation idea. For this purpose, a dissertation proposal has to be written and submitted for approval. Since many students are not familiar with proposal writing, referring to a good dissertation proposal example will benefit them.

Dissertation Proposal
The dissertation proposal is a document which presents a preliminary research idea on a particular subject and it will introduce and summarize the goals and methods of the research. The significance of the study and the gaps in knowledge which the study aims to fulfill should be stated as justifications for research to go ahead. The proposal will inform the readers the validity of the research questions as well. Depending on the thoroughness of the proposal the Dissertation Committee will make their decision as to whether or not they should approve the research which is to be conducted.

Are Examples Useful?
The usefulness of the dissertation proposal example is up to students. For example, some students prefer not to go through dissertation proposal sample as they feel it will cramp their writing styles. For some students going through examples of proposals will help them immensely. Below are some ways in which proposal examples are useful to students.

• Students learn how to write a proposal in the correct format.
• Learn how to structure their proposals accordingly.
• How to explain the significance of the research question to a layman.
• How to explain the issues, objectives and research ideas in the proper manner in their proposal.
• How to write the literature review section of the proposal correctly.
• How to come up with appropriate titles for their proposal.
• Learn the many sections of the proposal and how to write it in a manner which is interesting and comprehensive.

There are many more ways in which proposal examples are useful to students. If students wish to obtain information on how to do their dissertation writing or dissertation proposals, the best option is to go through examples. There are sample proposals from undergraduate dissertation proposals to doctoral dissertation proposals. But making sure that the examples being referred to are of high standard and written by persons proficient in the task.

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