Various Forms of Producing a Data Handling Coursework

Effective Data Handling Coursework Involves understanding the Data Architecture

With the development of information technology, handling of data has become more efficient and effective which was one of the most cumbersome organisational functions when being handled manually. Now the data handling projects has reached national level importance with initiates such as the National Health Information Systems unifying and integrating all patient records in one data system. This is just one example to illustrate how complicated and massive can data handling projects of the modern day can be. Therefore, any student studying Information and Communication Technology (ICT) will face a data handling coursework.

Developing Data Systems
Because of the complexity in information from various sources, managing of data to make better use of them is a challenging task. Data can be considered as the backbone of decision making in an organization immaterial of its scale. There fore storage, retention, back-up, process, analysis and safe guarding of the data is significantly important to the well being of the organizations whether it is a business or public organisation. In order to design and develop effective data handling systems, there should be a proper data architecture where the organization’s data flow is identified and streamlines conceptually.

Managing Data
Data is an element which changes and evolves over the period of time. With a new era new type of data will be generated where as some data can become obsolete and would be of no use. There fore handling data deals with effective management of data base and storage. This can be done through automated systems and computer based controls and even through nano technology and artificial intelligence with certain level of human involvement. These systems should facilitate efficient and effective storage, retrieval and processing of data to facilitate evaluation and decision making process.

Types of Data Handling Coursework
There are many forms in which data handling coursework can be undertaken. One of them would be essay writing in descriptive or informative form about the nature of the data handling, the current technologies introduced to safeguard data, data encryption, benefits of data handling and the strategic steps to develop a data handling system. Since this would be an essay, quotes from relative authors and books can be included. Also views of the students and the end conclusions can be added as to what technique would be suitable for a specific environment.

Practical development
Students can also get together as a group and develop a data base structure to a specified environment which can be a library, organization, school or else a cafeteria. Out of these students can either select a real organization to implement their project or else can implement based on the assumption of a fictitious environment. Here the students must focus on the post implementation process as well. This will include system changes and possible remedy to adopt the current system with the new data management system and even the methods of implementing the system.

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