Coursework Taken should Sharpen Essential Skills

Coursework Taken In High School Can Benefit You in College Studies

In high school, you will be required to take many coursework subjects. The knowledge you gain from coursework taken at this stage will benefit you in future studies if they sharpen some of the essential skills you need in higher studies. Taking any coursework subject will not prepare you for what you will have to do in college. If you select subjects and coursework which has no compatibility with what you intend to study in college, then the learning you gain from these high school coursework can not be of much benefit. Therefore, it is important for you to decide in advance which subjects and coursework will best support your future study plans.

Coursework Types and Benefits
Overall, all coursework aims to expand the student’s knowledge of the subject. But, different types of coursework develop different areas of skills in a student. Knowing what skills each type of coursework aims to develop will help students to choose the most appropriate if they are choosing elective coursework.

1. Most coursework subjects require students to write essays. Selecting the ones that requires you to write extended essays will enable you to develop a host of skills including essay writing, researching, information sorting and handling, analysis, synthesis, creative and innovative thinking and conceptualization. Once you submit your assignment, your tutor will be able to give his feed back, which will educate you on editing and rewriting as well. Once you move on to college, essay writing will be a critical skill that will play a crucial role in your academic performance. Therefore, by selecting high school coursework which involves writing essays, you can benefit greatly.

2. Another type of coursework which you can select is the ones which involve investigations and research. This is a critical skill without which you will not be able to complete your higher studies. In completing a degree program, you are required to submit a research paper or a dissertation in which investigative and research skills you acquire in high school will be immensely beneficial.

3. When you are at degree level studies, you will be called upon to do extensive coursework as project work on independent and team basis. These will be real life situations and scenarios in which you come up with your own analysis and recommendations and implement them as well. These recommendations have to be fully backed by justifications. Therefore engaging in project work at high school level will sharpen your project management skills. Therefore given the opportunity, do not hesitate to incorporate such assignments in to your coursework portfolio.

4. Enroll in a coursework that sharpens your general ITC skills. You will need to word process your assignments, make power point presentations, use statistical software etc. as a part of your university studies. Therefore, make sure to sharpen these skills before you enter collage as you will lag behind otherwise.

Aligned to your Capabilities
Having considered the above, it should also be noted that the types of coursework you take should also be relevant with your skills and capabilities as well. This is because if you can not perform well in them, your transcripts will not be impressive and your chances of getting in to college will be limited. Sometimes, students do not have the resources and time to complete certain types of coursework. For instance, if the coursework taken by a student involves food technology coursework or an ITC coursework then up to 60 hours of practical work is involved.

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