How to Receive an A + for Coursework Resistance

Understanding the Theories of Physics Applicable is Essential for a Coursework Resistance

Resistance Coursework Writing about coursework resistance of a wire is not such a difficult task, if students make themselves understand the underlying theory. There are a few things you need to know in order to write your coursework paper. One essential aspect is to be able to conduct the experiment correctly and the second aspect is to report the findings in a proper manner.

Factors Which Affect the Resistance of a Wire

• Length of the Conductor – George Ohm stated that the resistance of a conductor is directly proportional to the length of the wire. It is common knowledge for students doing this type of coursework that the longer the wire the greater the resistance and the shorter the wire the less it will be.
• Area of the Cross Section of the Conductor – The area of the cross section of the wire will decide the resistance as well. For example, the thinner the wire the more resistance and the thicker the wire the less resistance.
• Effect of the Temperature – This too is similar to the area of the cross section of the conductor. This means that the higher the temperature the more the resistance and the lower the temperature the lesser the resistance.
• The Thickness of the Wire – Electricity travels through the wire by way of electrons. The more electrons the better the conductor will be. A thin wire will mean that the electrons have less space to pass through. Therefore, the resistance levels will be more. However, if the wire is thick, the electrons are able to pass freely which means less resistance.

Important Components to the Coursework

When you are assigned the coursework writing task of coursework resistance, there are a few more components which you need to include in your coursework paper.

• Prediction – No coursework paper on resistance will be complete without providing a prediction section. The prediction section of the coursework is very important as the reader will obtain an idea as to what you believe will happen when conducting the experiment.
• Methodology – When you write a physics coursework paper related to resistance, you need to show the reader on the methods you used to arrive at the results received. Basically, it is an indication of how you are going to arrive at the prediction and how you will perform the investigation.
• Conclusion – This section of the coursework paper will provide the reader with knowledge on what your final results were. It should be written as informatively and as accurately as possible.
• Evaluation – This section of the coursework paper will provide your input about the results obtained, experiments conducted etc.

If you understand the abovementioned clearly, writing your coursework resistancepaper will be easy.

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