Benefits of Undertaking Coursework French

Coursework French is an Excellent Way to Perfect your Knowledge about the Country

Coursework FrenchAnother language to be conversant with is always a plus point. This can be German, Spanish, French or even Swedish etc. Students who are interested in learning extra languages will have to do coursework on these languages. This is not a compulsory subject unless they are majoring in foreign languages. However, pursuing a foreign language definitely has its benefits. In order to do coursework on these languages, students need to be proficient firstly with speaking and writing it. This will help them to excel at the coursework assignments they have to complete. Here are some pointers to help you with your coursework French.

About French Coursework

French coursework is worth 25% – 30% of the final mark. In order to do a good job of your French coursework the first thing students need to do is be present for the classes. Learning French is difficult enough without attending your classes and not being able to take down notes. Another main feature of French coursework is to read as many books in the language as possible. Reading French magazines and books will improve your vocabulary immensely and as an oral test is one of the features of French coursework, you need to be able to converse fluently in the language to ensure a high mark. Keep in mind that the French language is a complicated one with different genders and phrases and adjectives which needs to be mastered.

Getting Familiar with French Culture and the Country

Coursework writing in French is an excellent method for students to familiarize themselves on the country. When you begin the writing aspect of your coursework French, you should select the topics according to your level of understanding. Most often, your French assignments may ask you to write on something French such as France, its music, culture, food etc. These topics will require in-depth research which will enable you to learn more about France. Students doing French coursework writing will be able to write about the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the Arc du Triomphe and its history, the Notre Dame, the architecture of Carcassonne and Chateaux de la Loire etc. There are so many topics which students can write about for their coursework as France is a place which is rich in history. Students can also write about the famous artists who lived in France such as Paul Cezanne, Edgar Degas, and Claude Monet etc. There possibilities for your French coursework topics are limitless.

Assessment Criteria

French coursework for GCSE similar to English coursework is assessed by how well students communicate orally and theoretically and the quality of their linguistic capabilities. Apart from this students will be graded on how well they present themselves on paper as well. If your writing assignment requires that you use a particular format, it is necessary that this format is used and all requirements adhered to as well. You are not only assessed by your abilities with the language but also your ability to adhere to other requirements as well.

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