Completing PhD Coursework Successfully

High Caliber PhD Coursework Requires Focus and Deep Understanding of Study Constructs

A Ph.D. or a Doctor of Philosophy is usually the highest study level in a university. This advance degree is awarded to students who are able to complete a dissertation study to fulfill the degree requirements. In addition to such an empirical study, some universities also require candidates to complete a certain minimum requirement of Ph.D. coursework. Such coursework writing will be extensive and advanced in nature. Completing them at a high standard will reflect well on the entire study program of the student.

Types of Coursework:
The coursework has to be undertaken in subject areas which are relevant to social research as well as the major coursework directly related to the degree. Some Ph.D. programs encourage students to enroll in a number of course modules which fall outside the core study discipline. The required course modules cover fundamental research methods as this will lay the foundation knowledge for the dissertation writing which is compulsory for the degree. These coursework will consist of extended essays, term papers and short thesis writing assignments which will give practice and experience for the ensuing research writing task of the degree. There may involve some field study projects as well.

Coursework Requirements
PhD coursework component is expected to earn 36 to 48 credits over a 2 – 3 year period. The balance part of the degree is invested in to the research process. These credit requirements are sometimes foregone against submission of published work. The core coursework will require design and conceptualising of investigations and field studies. Most universities prescribe prerequisite coursework which earns a particular number of credits through course modules which are directly falling under the field of specialisation. The secondary or minor coursework will need to be chosen from elective coursework. For example, a Ph.D. candidate of a management science degree may choose from three key areas of management science, behavioral science and general courses of economics, finance and accounting.

Thesis Requirement:
In addition to the general coursework requirements of a Ph.D., students must complete a thesis study. This study should contribute new knowledge to the field of study being pursued by the student. The dissertation study should be conducted over a period of 2-3 years and the thesis is the culmination of the dissertation research undertaken by the PhD candidate.

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