Completed Coursework – Is it Really Complete?

Phases to Complete in Order to have Complete Coursework

Students are expected to complete and submit numerous coursework. When you receive such coursework assignments, it is important to complete them properly before submission so that you stand to gain a good grade for the work done. When you have completed coursework, it is important to check whether you have really completed them or whether you have missed out on any important aspects. Following is a phase by phase guide on how to complete your assignments properly

1. Preparation phase
In this stage, first you must read your coursework info carefully and get a proper understanding of the requirements. Highlighting the key tasks, identifying the assignment’s main expectations and noting down key requirements such as word count, the type of essay, formatting system etc. should be the second step.

2. Action phase
In the action phase, there are number of activities the student must attend to prior to writing stage. These include the following:
• Brainstorm and select an appropriate topic area for the work.
• Plan out the key tasks of the assignment and schedule time for each key section.
• Draw up a writing outline such as a report outline or essay outline.
• Carry out the required research for material
• Engage in any of the practical components on the coursework such as lab experiments which a chemistry coursework or biology coursework may require.

3. Writing phase
Once you reach the writing phase of your coursework, depending on the assignment type you must decide upon the appropriate writing style, the structure, format and the suitable form of writing. All these aspects will differ for a business report or a lab report from that of an essay or a term paper. Even for essay writing, different types of essays will need different writing styles and content. It is essential that the student put in the best effort and maximum time in to this phase. All the written material must be properly supported with evidence from reliable sources. Any theoretical knowledge should be properly cited as well. When writing coursework, always refer to the marking scheme or coursework rubric so that you tailor your answers to meet each section of the marking scheme. This helps the tutor to award deserved marks as the assignment covers all areas of requirements.

4. Post Writing phase
This stage is equally important as the rest of the stages of completing coursework. Once the coursework is written it should be edited, proofread and printed out for submission. Effort in this last section can increase small but critical marks that can make a difference between two grades.

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When you are handling coursework, make sure to follow through all the above mentioned phases so that you can be sure that completed coursework is truly complete. If you find yourself unable to finish your coursework assignments on time, then enlist coursework help from an essay writing firm such as coursework-writing Excellent marketing coursework can considerably increase your term grade.