Comparison Essays Involve Comparing or Contrasting Of Subjects

Compare and Contrast: You can use either or both in your Comparison Essay

When writing a comparison essay, you can compare things, people, facts or events. While there may be a host of smaller similarities or differences, the focus should be on the more significant points. You may talk about the most significant first and the less significant at last. Usually the essay comprises either the similarities or the differences but you may also choose to discuss both.

  • Choosing your Subjects

Decide on what you are going to compare and choose a topic that interests you. If you are having problems coming up with a topic idea for your essay, think of some recent experience or look through a newspaper and come up with people or issues or events that intrigue you. You can also brows through some sample essays provided by writing assistance companies such as Coursework-writing to gain some inspiration as well as an idea of the concepts involved.

  • Basis of Comparison

To make your essay appealing, include suitable comparison information. Have a clear understanding about the basis of comparison and make it known to your reader. By making a rough draft about the possible similarities and differences and putting it in to an essay outline, you can structure your essay better.

  • Sufficient Information

If you have sufficient information on a number of key similarities or differences, then the writing will come easily. Lack of sufficient knowledge on the topic is one of the key reasons that lead to “writer’s block”. Avoid this predicament as much as possible but if you are struck by it when you are on a tight deadline, the option of enlisting professional help from an essay writing company such as Coursework-writing is available. The company provides excellent essay writing, coursework writing and dissertation help.

  • Writing Phase

Once you get down to the actual writing phase of the essay, use words such as “same as”, “similarly” or “likewise”, to discuss similarities. Differences can be written with words like “in contrast”, “contrary to” and “whereas”, etc. Your essay introduction should specify the topic with a little bit of background information and a brief overview of subtopics. Do not wander away from the main subject. Whatever, you are writing about has to be centered on the similarities and differences of the two subjects you are comparing or contrasting.

  • Referencing and Citing Sources

Material you cite directly should be given its due acknowledgement so make sure your sources are cited properly. A separate page with a list of references or what is called a bibliography needs to be attached to your essay.

  • Editing & Proofreading

Once you reach the end of your essay, make sure to polish it up with proofreading and editing. You may have to adhere to a word count so check whether you have written too many words if it’s a short essay. Use these guidelines in your next essay and produce and essay of high standard that will leave a lasting impression on the reader.