Choosing the Coursework Option

Students Can Choose The Coursework Option Over Research Option To Pursue Advance Degrees

Coursework Option
When students enroll for Masters level degrees such as Master of Science, some colleges and universities offer an opportunity to choose between two options. This is the coursework option and the research option. For those students that find researching activities too difficult or cumbersome, the coursework only option is an ideal choice which ensures that the student is able to complete the study program on schedule. In contrast to coursework requirements, the research option requires students to undertake significant amount of laboratory research and subsequent thesis writing.

Requirements of Coursework Choice
When a student opts for coursework, the curriculum will focus on imparting theoretical knowledge related to various course modules and then getting the student to engage in further literature research to complete a series of advance coursework. There may be a partial component of practical experimentations and tests for these coursework as well but it is not substantial as the research route. Students must enroll in sufficient number of course modules to account for the number of credit hours required and some of the coursework may allow for independent field work projects

Points to Note
When selecting a coursework based study program there are number of points which should be considered carefully prior to making a decision with this regard.

1. Usually to counter the ease of completing coursework compared to a research study, the number of assignments is increased. This means students have to allocate substantial amount of time and effort as well as classroom attendance hours in to the selected modules. If you are comfortable and capable of conducting independent research, then hours may in fact turnout to be less compared to the total of coursework hours and class attendance hours of the coursework route.
2. Recognition of a research study based masters degree may be higher than a degree completed with coursework only in certain fields of studies and carry greater weight in some fields of career.
3. There can be cost differences involved in the two study options. This has to be taken in to account.
4. Research option usually has a supervisor allocated to monitor and advice the conducting of research. This helps many students to complete their research or dissertation writing successfully. If a student is not confident of his or her ability to do research but actually likes this option, then the fact that a supervisor is there to provide guidance might make a difference to the decision.

Having taken these points to consideration, some students may still wish to choose the coursework option in pursing their degree programs. If this is the case, you may need coursework help in time to time based on heavy work schedules and exam requirements. Contact coursework-writing for assistance in all types of essay writing, coursework help and dissertation assistance.