Preparation of a Business Coursework

Business Coursework Is a Helping Hand to Understand the Corporate Business

Business courseworkThis course work is under taken by candidates who sit for A level examination and who study business related degrees such as business management, business administration etc. Such coursework is geared to lay the foundation knowledge for future needs of corporate and business leaders, which these students are aspiring to become. Essay writing practice in business studies assignments will give valuable experience for future report writing and other business related correspondence. Business coursework is therefore of immense importance to students following commerce or business related studies.

Selection of topic Area
Most of the business assignments may leave much choice for students to choose an assignment topic. If this is the case, identifying the most suited area is far more important as this assessment is highly subjective due to continuous changes in business practices. A student should select a topic in an area they can aspire more and check whether it could be in acceptable with the requirements.

Approach to coursework
A student can prepare business coursework in various methods. The coursework instructions may strictly outline the guideline to be followed or the student may be left to choose as per student’s preferences. Most times, the business assignments call for report writing or essay writing. It is important to follow the correct formats and structure depending upon the applicable requirements.

Few Additional Tips
Having selected a specific area in a business environment such as marketing, human resource management, decision making, finance, procurement etc. the student should sketch an outline to work with. There should be an introduction to the selected topic, the business environment and overview of the situation being addressed. The entire work should successfully combine the business theories with writer’s own ideas, analysis and recommendations. Adding of examples such as top company practices, competitor actions, strategies in business etc. can emphasis the student’s grasp of the subject better. Worldly examples would add more life to the course work as it would indicate that the candidate is aware of the current business news.

Coming up with Your Own Company
In addition to the above method a student, can create a fictitious company according to his preferences and prepare his own scenario leading to a case study analysis. In this case, the student would analyze the case in depth and would provide with possible recommendations and the most suited practices and post decision responses and impacts. In addition, the case study can be done by taking into account a real company. This would be more realistic as it provide with more practical and real issues. Nevertheless, this requires more time as it has to be spent on identifying the practices and problems of an operating company in the real context. However, this would be more useful than using a fictitious example.

Strategy Papers
Finally, a student can attempt on writing a course work on a particular activity or a strategy being implemented in a company. Examples can be mergers and acquisitions, new product development, market expansion, implementing of a quality program or even a new systems development. This provides a single focus on a specific topic with out confusing the candidate. However, the student should have an in-depth understanding on that particular topic to provide informative and in-depth analysis and synthesis to the writing. This sort of strategy papers must outline possible benefits, potential problems, stakeholder responses, change management, improvement in systems and possible financial outcome within their writing.

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