Basics of a Coursework Cover

Do not misjudge the Importance of a Coursework Cover

Doing up the Coursework cover is one of the least considered of the tasks when students have assignments. But getting the basics right on how to format and present your assignment cover sheet is essential. After all, this is the first page your tutor sees and having it properly presented is important. Otherwise your work can be wrongly judged going by a wrongly formatted cover sheet.

• Need for a Cover Sheet
Not all assignments will need a cover sheet. Sometimes the tutors specifically state not to provide a cover page. The cover sheet is generally included in a research report, an extended essay, or a term paper. Short essays and question and answer style assignments usually does not require a cover page.

• Different Requirements
In academic coursework, the cover page should be done as per the prescribed format of the writing style used. For example, the Harvard system or the APA system will prescribe the cover page to be done differently. If you are using MLA system for your coursework, then there is no need for a separate sheet for the cover page. The details are placed on the top left hand margin of the first page. In the APA system, there is a need for a running header to appear on the cover page while in Harvard system the format is fairly straight forward and include student name, coursework title, coursework module, tutors name and submission date.

• Usefulness of a Cover page
Cover page serves few important needs. First it identifies the writer with the work and act as the reference of ownership for the work. This is important as the grades and marks you get will be allocated your name. Make sure you state the name the correct and exact way that it appears in your course enrollment records. Secondly it acts as a reference for the particular coursework. Since you will place the coursework title and the course module details, it helps to sort and keep the assignments separate from other assignments. It also helps to pass over and misplaced work to the right person. For instance if one of the assignments have become misplaced at the coursework handing over point which is usually the administrative office, with the tutor’s details on the cover sheet, the staff can easily resolve the issue and hand over the misplaced work.

Basics of Cover page Design
Make sure that the cover page for your assignment is done as per required format and in correct font size and font style. No fancy fonts and page boarders etc must be applied for academic papers and this applies same for the cover page. Check the accuracy of content such as course module name and number, tutors name and whether you have put the student registration number which is required in some cases.

There is no chance that you will find it hard to do your cover page properly as this is the simplest of tasks in handling assignments. You can refer to some advice and sample pages in coursework-writing web site if you need more inputs on doing a good coursework cover.