Astronomy Coursework-a Real Challenge

Nature of an astronomy coursework paper and strategies to follow

Although the subject astronomy doesn’t seem to be a thriving area and occupies a very narrow scope, it is a complicated study which comprises of different topics that are linked to the field of astronomy. Astronomy is a science which involves the study of anything in the universe which is far more than observing the planets through a telescope. Astronomy coursework including essay writing would test the students’ knowledge of the subject as part of GCSE levels and A levels. The students who follow bachelors, masters and PHD in astronomy and who are astronomy trainees willing to pursue their carrier in reputed institutes such as NASA would be assigned to carry out such coursework as well. But the expected standards would vary according to hierarchy of study levels.

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Coursework writing can be done in different forms. Selection of the project title allows the choice of whether to either use a telescope to conduct the research or binoculars or else the naked eyes. For instance, some may conduct the research under the title of “observing the orbit of the moon.” This is a time taking process as it measures the position of the moon against the stars for a specific period as it would identify the motion of the moon relative to ecliptic, recession of moon’s nodes, the phases and rising and the setting of the moon. There fore the writing would include the assumptions made during the observation, the time taken and the seasons involved should also be specified in the coursework writing. Also a student can enhance his presentation by providing photographic images in order to justify their theory.

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Observational Projects: In addition a student can produce observation projects relative to astronomy coursework. This would involve common observations such as peculiar objects, surface of the moon, Planet Venus, satellites of Jupiter and so on. In such projects students can provide evidences such as drawings and photographs relating to the topic as well as the written observations, and information. Also discussions regarding the nature of t he identified objects, specific locations and appearances can be included in informative essays.

Essay Projects: Astronomy coursework can also be presented through essay projects which address topics such as history of astronomy, planets in the universe, cosmology etc. Students must use many references from astronomy books, astrologers’ theories and predictions and other sources to back up the content of the essays. Here students can state their conclusions and set their own innovative theorems and statistics with relevant evidences and also include critical appraisals of observations.

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