An A+ AS English Coursework is Many Students’ Dream

AS English Coursework – An Important Element in Your Academic Career

Coursework is a form of evaluation. Students are assigned coursework with the objective of providing a means of assessment for tutors. This assessment is mainly focusing on how much of the curriculum for the course of the semester or term has been followed and understood by the students and how much extra knowledge is acquired by the student independently. As there are different types of coursework ranging from history to literature, one article will not suffice. Therefore, in this article we will discuss AS English coursework. As almost all coursework requires essay writing, and as almost 20% of the student’s final grade is given for AS English coursework, they should understand how to do it in the proper manner. In order to know how to do coursework, they should first and foremost have an understanding of the types of English coursework.

Types of Coursework for English AS
As mentioned above English coursework will constitute of many things. First let us talk about the most common aspect of coursework which is the writing of essays.
• The writing of essays provides the student the ability to show off his or her essay writing skills and knowledge in the formats of certain essays. Students will have to come up with a topic and form relevant ideas and arguments in order to write an effective coursework.
• Another type of coursework assigned for students doing AS English coursework is the question and answer method. They will be required to read certain excerpt from any type of reading material and answer the questions provided.
• Speaking and listening is a form of coursework which is easy for most students. Students will be asked to speak on wide range of subjects and they will be judged on how they conduct this section of the coursework.
• Review writing is another form of coursework where students will have to understand the meanings of certain literary works such as poems, stage productions, limericks etc. through proper analysis and provide an explanation through an essay.
Dissertation writing is the final aspect of English coursework. This is a challenging task as students will have to select a suitable topic and conduct independent research and write an impressive thesis on it.

How to do an Effective Job of English Coursework
Knowing the types of coursework and how to do it well will not help the students if they don’t follow proper writing protocol. In order to make the most of your English Coursework AS you need to follow the steps mentioned below;
• Adhere to all coursework requirements.
• Do not wait till the last minute to do the coursework.
• Submit the coursework by the deadline.
• Write using proper English language.
• Be organized and neat.
• Check for errors.

AS English coursework is an important element in your studies. Therefore, it should not be taken lightly. Adhere to the above, and you will be able to submit a well written and presented coursework paper.

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