AS Biology Coursework Can Take Many Forms

AS Biology Coursework is the Foundation for Future Studies in a Science Stream

Coursework is becoming widely used in student evaluation and students are given coursework from junior high school years onwards till they complete their university studies. AS Level coursework is common for many of the AS level subjects since it provides the tutors a good evaluation tool as to whether the students have assimilate the syllabus material being taught in the classes. AS Biology coursework hence address the basic subject areas covered within the AS Biology syllabus.

• Different Forms of Coursework
There are various types of assignments within the Biology coursework for AS level classes. Some take the form of quizzes and question and answer format. Similar to other coursework such as physics coursework and Math coursework, here the main intention is to check the student’s knowledge of the class room text material and discussions. Students are expected to remember the answers in some cases but in other instances, take home assignments of this form allows the student to locate the answers from text books.

• Essays & Term Papers
Another more complex types of coursework assignments takes the form of essays and term papers. Here the students will need to engage in further investigations and acquiring of additional information through extended research and reading of outside material. Good research will allow a student to write well informed good essays and papers. At AS Level studies, the coursework will also include some simple experiments such as the osmosis of plant cells or the reactions of enzymes. The students will need to write reports after conducting these experiments.

• Clarity of Knowledge
One of the key requirements in AS Level class learning is to understand the foundation knowledge of the subject well. Since the rest of the academic career will be based on foundation level knowledge which students gain at this stage, it is important that you understand the concepts and theories properly. Any ambiguous areas should be cleared up with the tutors help. Then only can a student write a proper coursework for the biology subject. If the concepts are hazy or confusing, enlist some coursework help of a senior student, a class mate or a family member to explain the topic to you in the simplest possible terms. Go online and read on the subject which will also be useful for you to understand the issues which you had not previously been clear upon.
• Subject Areas of AS Syllabus
There are various subject topics under AS Level Biology. These comprise of core topic areas as well as optional topic areas. The 10 compulsory sections under biology syllabus include:

1. Cell Structure;
2. Biological Molecules;
3. Enzymes;
4. Cell and Nuclear Division;
5. Genetic Control and Inheritance;
6. Inherited Change and Evolution;
7. Energetic;
8. Ecology;
9. Transport;
10. Regulation and Control.

And the optional sections include

1. Biodiversity;
2. Biotechnology;
3. Growth, Development and Reproduction;
4. Environmental Biology.

• Coursework Help
Writing coursework for biology subject can be a challenging task, since it calls for understanding the complex and specialized knowledge related to a scientific subject. You need to invest many hours of additional study hours than your normal class room work if you are to do well in Biology coursework. If you have missed out of some classes, it will be especially hard for you to complete a coursework on the missed subject area. In such a situation, a wise decision would be to enlist help from an essay writing servicesuch as Coursework-writing’s help with your biology coursework. The work they complete and give you will serve a dual purpose of being valuable reference and benchmark material for future to base your own biology coursework as well as to gain a good grade for your AS Biology Coursework. By reading through and discussing the topic with your assigned writer you will be able to clear any areas which you are unclear as well.