AQA Biology Coursework Is a Complex Subject

Completing AQA Biology Coursework involves Completing Experiments and Applying Theoretical Knowledge

The AQA Baccalaureate is a qualification which is subsequent to AS Level and much recognized in the British educational system. This qualification is an excellent way of introducing students to enhance their skills at time management, communication, independence and self management as well as academic capabilities. One of the subjects which students will do for their AQA Baccalaureate is AQA biology coursework. As with all types of coursework, this too, requires students to conduct experiments and do some essay writing.

What it is
Biology as all students who have done GCSE biology coursework know is the study of living organisms. This will include man, plants and animals. This coursework curriculum is offered by the Assessment and Qualification Alliance, hence the AQA. If students wish to do higher studies in biology, this is a good choice of qualifications to have under their belts. There are two parts which have to be completed to come to the AQA stage. These are the AS and A2 coursework in biology. Once students pass these two stages, they will be able to do the AQA. Once students come to this stage they can select which part of biology they wish to pursue. Will it be on blood cells, plants or animal life?

Doing the Coursework
AQA biology coursework is complicated. Writing it is even more complicated. Students are required to conduct experiments for a number of days and write down the results of these experiments. Students have to include each and every detail of the experiment including what instruments were used. As biology is a complicated subject with much scientific jargon when writing the coursework assignment, students need to write their essays in a manner which is easy to understand to the reader. Therefore, this should be done in the most clearest and concise manner possible. Research on the biology coursework subject should be conducted by going through all available textbooks and sources. If there are any questions regarding the coursework or any coursework problems students should get this cleared and clarified before they begin the writing procedure. For example, if they prefer another topic for their coursework subject they may ask their advisor to change it.

Importance of AQA Biology
Doing this coursework writing assignment is important as this is a step in the right direction when applying to college. With an AQA Baccalaureate in biology your chances of gaining entrance into college as well as employment are improved.

Coursework Help
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