Writing Short Essays is an Essential Skill

Short Essays Require you to Write to the Point and Keep your Sentences Crisp and Concise.

Students from high schools to graduate schools are often asked to write short essays. It allows them to convey ideas, review information and express their opinions. Most often this type of essay allows the students to provide an overview of the topic and then provide a critical analysis of it. The important requirement of a short essay is to keep things concise and precise.

 Tips to Note
A short essay is usually between five to six pages which is typed and double spaced. It should demonstrate your ability to condense material into a compact essay. Once you have chosen an appealing and interesting topic, take your time and write down everything about it, then look for the important items. Include important material without using verbose sentences that will lengthen your essay unnecessarily. Keep your introduction and conclusion brief.

 Format to Follow
The recommended essay format is to have the basic introduction, body and conclusion. Introduction should have the purpose of the essay, background information and the thesis. The thesis states the purpose of the essay. Then follow up with the body of the essay comprising of paragraphs which will support the thesis of the essay. These paragraphs should have topic sentences at the beginning to provide clarity to the reader as to what the paragraph will be about. Each paragraph should also carry a transition line at the end which will facilitate smooth flow of the essay. The conclusion usually ties together what you stated in the introduction and the body. An essential rule to remember is that you do not introduce any new ideas or information within the conclusion.

 Suitable Topics
When you are required to submit this type of an essay for your coursework, choose topics which you can discuss in brief but yet retain the interest of the reader. Even an essay such as Personal essay or Health essay can be kept brief yet informative. So while being precise and concise, also make efforts to be as creative as possible. If choosing controversial essay topics, you may need to consider whether you can present your argument effectively within the given word limit of this type of an essay.

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