Writing Effective Law Coursework

Law Coursework is a Perfect opportunity for students to Showcase their
Knowledge in Law

Those students who wish to become professional lawyers will need to graduate from law school. For these students law coursework are compulsory requirements to complete their degree programs. These coursework are normally in the form of written answers or essays addressing certain legal situations, as well as in the form of various other legal documents. The main objective is to test the student’s knowledge of various laws, the legislative system and the application of law in different situations. The Statutory law and case law knowledge should both be demonstrated within a successful coursework.

The coursework can be set on various fields of law and depending on the area of law studied by the students, the content applicable should differ. Various fields of law which students may find coursework assignments will include:

 Family Law
 Criminal Law
 Maritime Law
 Corporate Law
 Human Rights Law
 Civil Law

  • Coursework Topic

If the coursework requires you to do dissertation papers, then these will require extended writing of approximately 20-30 pages. Such papers will require students to carry out in-depth research on the topics on which the coursework has been set. If you have the option of choosing the essay topic, or the law dissertation topic, then make sure you consider the criteria applicable in screening good coursework topics. The first point to consider is whether the topic has sufficient material to research upon. Availability of valid and sound evidence is important. Credible and accurate information on case law as well as relevant legislature is essential for this type of coursework. A good topic will also be interesting and relevant to the reader as well as the writer.

Applicable Law and Case Law

Almost all law assignments expect the student to cite previous cases which shares similarities. This is what is in-fact referred to as case-law. Judges usually use law of precedence where the verdicts of previous cases with same case scenarios are upheld for cases that are heard afterwards. In addition to this, the applicable law in each scenario should also be identified by the student. In different countries, different laws are in use. English Common Law, Roman Dutch Law, Commonwealth Law are some of the legislature enforced in different parts of the world. Therefore students need to have a comprehensive knowledge on these aspects of law for writing effective papers that will score high grades.

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