Writing an Interesting Essay on Global Warming

Global Warming is a Pressing Environmental Issue that Serve as an Interesting Essay Topic

A Global Warming essay is a common task which many college students are expected to undertake. It is a pressing environmental issue which is affecting the whole world. Before beginning to write your essay, it is important to know what global warming is. It refers to the increase of average temperature on earth. As the Earth gets hotter disasters such as hurricanes, droughts and floods will increase and the melting of the polar ice caps will increase the sea levels resulting in the submerging of some of the small island nations that are not at high sea levels.

Global warming essays can be written as persuasive essays, critical essays, argumentative essays or even cause and effect essays. You can write it any way, as long as the main focus of the essay is the issue of global warming.

Researching the Topic

As with every essay writing task, sound researching lays the foundation for an effective essay. There are many ways to research for your essay. The internet offers a variety of sources and information and library will have books and journal articles on this issue since it is a topic of current interest. Read Al Gore’s book and watch his documentary for some inspiration.

Content Suggestions

The content you may include in this essay is diverse. You can talk about the gravity of this problem and what catastrophes can be expected as repercussions. The readers can be educated on the “green house gas” effect where the excessive carbon dioxide emissions are trapped in the earth’s atmosphere contributing to the increase in earth’s temperature. Your coursework can score high if you were to discuss various measures which the world leaders have taken in an attempt to control emission levels. Keyoto Protocol is one such agreement where governments from all over the world have pledged to reduce emission levels in a bid to reduce global warming. Include facts and figures as well as trend data which show the levels of global warming and contributing increases in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. By citing all your sources properly, the validity of your essay will increase by many folds.

Concluding   Your Essay

When you are at the conclusion stage, summarize your argument and make a call for change. Let the reader know what he or she can do to prevent this problem. Stress that even as individual’s we can make a difference if we act collectively.

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