Writing an Essay Outline will help you organize your Thought Process

Write an Essay Outline as a Part of your Prewriting to Streamline your Essay

An essay outline is a short summary of what you need to remember when you write the essay. In order to get a high score in your essay you have to organize your thoughts and plan on how you will proceed writing it, hence, the outline.

Using outlines when writing an essay, improves your writing skills and enables you to present your essay in the way that suits you. Reference and verification is made easy by outlining your essay.

Outline in a way that makes your essay interesting to the reader by using the correct strategy. It does not have to be long, since it is only a draft. When you are writing essays for your coursework, your tutor may usually give a marking guide to give you an indication of what is expected of your essay. Then, you can indicate marking weightages alongside your outline to make sure you know how much word count should each section should be allocated. However, don’t forget to delete that detail off when you essay is being completed!

During your prewriting stage, choose a topic that interests you and research it. Sufficient material should be researched in order to be able to support a tentative thesis statement. Complete your research before beginning the outline. Decide on the central theme of the essay and build your argument logically and in proper flow.

If structured properly the outline will give a good flow of discussion to our essay. Outlining can be done in two ways:

1. Topic outlining – use of a word or phrase without punctuation.
2. Sentence outlining – use of a full sentence with punctuation.

You may choose any method as the purpose of the outline is to guide you through the essay writing where your ideas have been already placed in to a coherent structure. Even writing a short essay can benefit from having an outline although it will be most useful when you write long essays or chapters of a dissertation or a research proposal. Using “jot-notes” will make it easy for you when you begin to write your essay in full sentences.

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