Writing a Good Conclusion is equally important as a good Introduction

Conclusion Deserves the Same Enthusiasm that the Essay Introduction and Body Receives

The conclusion of an essay brings an ending to your essay. It gives the writer the opportunity to wrap up the essay and present it to the reader. It must not leave the reader with questions on his mind. All the answers should have been stated clearly. So, essay conclusion is equally important as the introduction and body of the essay.

Here are few tips and guidelines to bear in mind when you conclude you essay:

  • Importance of the thesis statement should be stressed on.
  • The conclusion should give the essay a sense of completeness.
  • Leave an impression on the reader.
  • In the case of a persuasive or argumentative essay concludes by addressing the reader with a question or a call to action.
  • Do not add new information to your conclusion as you will confuse the reader as to whether you have completed your essay or not.
  • Make sure the introduction and concluding arguments and ideas are the same.
  • Keep it short. It should be straight and to the point.

It is common to let your enthusiasm and efforts to taper off when you reach the end of your essay. But your ending will be your last chance to leave a memorable impression on your reader’s mind. Therefore, give it the same importance you allocate to your essay introduction and body.

Whichever way you decide to conclude your essay, you should be able to make your reader understand what you tried to communicate. If your essay was a short essay, do not go into length with your conclusion. Balance it out. If your conclusion is lengthy and you find yourself repeating certain facts which you have already stated in your introduction and body of the essay, stop yourself. You might be overdoing it. Once you have completed writing your conclusions make sure, that the points in the body of the paper are properly organized. Do not end abruptly. Remember the last thing the reader is going to see is the conclusion. Therefore, always end with a definite statement.

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