Writing a Critical Essay Does Not Mean Being Negative

Critical Essays Calls For Writer’s Own Analysis to be Imparted to the Essay.

Most people think being critical is to be negative but this is not the case. If you are asked to submit a critical essay, you can choose to be either positive or negative in your analysis. The main idea in writing this essay is to give your attitudes and opinions on a certain topic. Although you can write your opinion, you have to provide factual information and data to back them up.

  • Prewriting Stage

Begin by analyzing your topic. What will be your thesis statement? You need to give a brief idea on your topic or the theme of the essay. The whole essay has to revolve around your thesis statement. Draft out an essay outline and include the important points. Structure you essay based on what you have decided to discuss in your paper.

  • Reserach Stage

In any essay, researching is a critical element that influences the final quality. This allows you to learn the subject matter thoroughly and allows you to cite evidence from various sources to support your argument. You must however apply the basics of researching and sort through what is important and what is irrelevant when you come across lot of information. Make sure your research is current and up-to-date.

  • Writing Stage

Once you conclude the research phase, move on to actual writing by drawing up a first draft. Since this is a logical essay and presents a variety of information, you have to include statistics, quotations and more. Validate the accuracy and the relevancy of your information to avoid being charged with plagiarism. Citing all your sources correctly will be essential in any form of essay writing. Your coursework guide will tell you which form of referencing are required as there are different forms as Harvard, Chicago, MLA and APA styles.

Writing history coursework? Don’t forget to proofread and edit it!

Present your analysis in a consistent manner. Offer a specific idea in each new paragraph. Write in a clear and concise manner so that the reader understands what you are saying. Remember essays of this nature have to be written in the third person. Once the essay is written, edit it and proof read to make sure your work is up to high standard.

  • Other Options

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