Writing a Convincing Dissertation Methodology

Your Dissertation Methodology Reflects on the Reliability and Validity of Your Dissertation Study

Dissertation methodology is one of the key chapters in a dissertation paper. This chapter is used to inform the reader how the study was implemented. You need to have sufficient theoretical knowledge of research methods and research design to write your research methodology chapter. The theory should be discussed with its relevance to your study so that the reader recognizes why you have made certain choices from alternatives available. How you write the methodology is important as it will establish the reliability of your study.

Chapter Introduction

Firstly, when writing this chapter of your dissertation, give a simple review of the problems and study objectives. You may have to provide what is termed as a “theoretical integration” section which summarizes the findings of the literature review chapter with your study questions. This will form the first part of your methodology.

Research Design

Next section of the chapter needs to describe the research design of your dissertation study. The research design will mention whether it’s quantitative or qualitative study and whether the you will be relying on primary or secondary data sources. If you have decided on using primary data collected through field research, then what data collection methods you have used should be outlines. You should discuss the alternatives available such as interviews, observations, experiments and surveys and justify the selected method. Unlike a short essay, you need to write at least 5,000 -7,500 words for a comprehensive methodology chapter.

Data Gathering Techniques

A key element of your methodology is the instruments you will use in gathering data. If you have opted for a survey then a questionnaire is requited. These instruments will need pilot testing and modifications to improve clarity to respondents. The instruments will need to be validated for its internal and eternal consistency. You also need to outline the sampling methods, the population, population frame and sample size of the study. You should also outline the data analysis techniques applied as well as any limitations of the study.

Dissertation Guidelines

Since this is a very crucial part of your coursework, you need to demonstrate a high level of competency in carrying out your dissertation research. It is most recommended that you read through some useful texts and handbooks which explain the concepts of research and how to carry out one. Once you read and understand the process involved, writing your methodology chapter becomes and easy task.

Thoroughness of Methodology

Make sure that the reader needs to be convinced that you were thorough in your methods and the methodology you used is sound. It has to show that you took everything into account and that you can justify any assumptions or limitations such as non response bias. You need to be able to defend your study methodology in front of a panel at the final viva presentation of your dissertation.

Knowledge & Expertise Required

Writing the methodology requires specific theoretical knowledge as well as knowledge of statistical analysis if you have chosen quantitative method. This is where you may need to enlist help from professionals in the field such as coursework-writing co.uk for writing your dissertation methodology and assist you in the dissertation. The company provides a host of writing assistance services including essay writing, coursework help and dissertation assistance. What ever is your choice, don’t forget that the dissertation is the final step in completing your degree program and therefore needs your total commitment and skills to write it successfully.

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