What can we write in a Health Essay?

Choose from a Wide Variety of Topics when you are writing a Health Essay

When you are asked to write a Health Essay, you may actually wonder what you can write in it. Your predicament may arise from the wide scope of the word Health. You can turn this dilemma in to your benefit as it also allows you the liberty to choose from a wide variety of topics that relates to the subject of health. Let us see few ideas and topics that can be developed in to a good essay of this nature.

 Related Subject Matters
Choose a topic which you will enjoy writing and have ample information on. Maximum benefits of an essay of this nature can be achieved by imparting some new knowledge to your reader about a specific subject related to health. The main issue is to understand what you are asked to do in your essay instructions. If it gives you a free hand at choosing any topic related to the subject of health then you may do so. But in other cases, you may need to assess certain Acts and Standards being applied to the Healthcare Sector.

 Impact of Health Care Acts
If you are to evaluate the impact of certain health care acts, then you need to research and locate a copy of the Act. These are usually uploaded in PDF format in the web sites of the Department of Health or Ministry of Health. Careful evaluation of the Act or the Standards will let you critically assess the strengths and weaknesses of the intended outcomes. You could discuss the impact and the effectiveness so far in terms of implementation. An example is Health Information Privacy Protection Act and related standards such as Administrative Standards for Cyber security of Health Information. You will have to decide if you agree with the Acts and Standards or not and present your point of view accordingly.

 Health and Healthy Living
This is another more general topic related to the subject of health which you can write your essay on. The angles you can take are varied such as how to live a healthy life; importance of healthy living; and why people neglect health aspects of daily life etc. Another aspect that you can address includes the impact of foods we eat and how eating the wrong type of foods affects our general health. Exercising to keep fit and how often we should do so and how it gives us the opportunity to be stronger is also an interesting idea which will make a good essay of this type.

 Cost and Funding for Health Care
This is an area which concerns majority of your readers so if you can discuss this issue sensitively but in depth, it is bound to be an interesting topic. Many people find costs of health care exorbitant. Talk about how insurance companies handle health issues and claims and how the premiums differ based on health risks of individuals. You may also propose how government can support health expenses of those people of lesser income groups.

Research is very important in order to provide up to date, authentic and reliable information to your readers. Make sure you cite all your sources to increase credibility of your Health Essay. Add a fair amount of references from peer reviewed articles from journals than relying solely on previously stated opinions that appear in text books and internet sources.