Tips on Writing an Effective Leadership Essay

Leadership Essays Must Combine Theories on Leadership with Writer’s own Analysis

Leadership has been an aspect of human civilization from time immemorial and has been exercised in ruling tribes to nations and in winning wars and facing adversities of natural disasters. Therefore, studies on leadership are an important aspect for students from grade school level to college degree programs. Almost all students will therefore be required to write a leadership essay at any point of their academic life.

 Defining Leadership
When writing this essay, it is essential that you define what leadership is. There are diverse views and numerous definitions. You may choose you own preferred version or mention few. An example of such a definition outlines leadership as “an ability to influence individuals and groups to work toward attaining organizational objectives.” This perspective of leadership is closely aligned with the leadership role played by leaders within oganisational and business contexts. Hence it is more apt a definition to be used within an essay written for a business or organizational related coursework than for a social, religious or community related coursework.

 Role and Characteristics of Leadership
One approach you can take in writing an essay on leadership would be to discuss how leadership is exercised through various roles in society. People play leadership roles in different day to day life situations. For example, a person may be a CEO in a company then a president of the community association. Another person can be a spiritual leader with a transformational vision of peace and harmony for the human race.

 Theories on Leadership
Depending on the level of academic studies for which the essay is being written, you will need to incorporate sound theoretical knowledge on leadership in to the writing. Basic approaches to Leadership takes either a universal or a contingent perspective and the theories and models extended falls under trait theories, style theories, behavior theories, and contingency theories. There is also what is termed as transformational leadership. You may need to write an argument essay on which leadership method is more effective or an informative essay on various leadership theories. In such an essay you will need to include information from various sources and cite them properly as to avoid plagiarism issues.

 Topic Ideas for Leadership Essay
Selecting appropriate and interesting essay topics is very important for writing any kind of essay. Same is applicable for your Leadership essay. Here are few suggestions which may be of help to kick start your writing process:

1. Role of Emotional Intelligence in being an effective Leader
2. Leaders Vs. Managers – What’s the difference?
3. Leading with a Vision – Role of a Visionary Leader
4. Transforming the Masses- Power of transformational Leadership
5. Shaping a new company culture with leadership from the top
6. Leading from within – Leadership in team structures

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