Tips on How to Write a Good Essay Conclusion

Essay Conclusions Are Not Merely Summaries of the Body Content of an Essay

The conclusion of an essay should be considered as a beautiful ribbon that adds exclusivity and elegance to a bouquet of flowers or a gift you wrap. It is comparatively a small segment of your essay but it is indeed very important in forming a lasting impression in the minds of the reader. Once the reader goes through your conclusion, it should be clear to the reader that you have made your point and finished with your writing. Given this importance, knowing how to write an essay conclusion is as important as knowing how to write an essay introduction.

When students receive their coursework, there are numerous types of essays to be written. Which ever form of writing is applicable, the basic need for an essay introduction, a body and conclusion remains common to all. Therefore, you may find the below guidelines useful in gaining a good understanding of how to write an effective conclusion to your essay.

• Your essay conclusion is not a summary. It is the final section of your writing in which you reiterate your point of view with a brief summation of the discussed points.
• No new information is to be introduced at this stage.
• Conclusions are not too long. Usually it is a single paragraph in the case of short essays while it can be approximately one page if it’s a lengthy essay.
• The conclusion should align with the introduction and the body content. No deviations will make it effective.
• Leave a thoughtful issue for the reader to ponder upon or some sort of call for action or a prompting to switch beliefs. Applicability of these will vary upon the type of essay being written.

By applying these tips in your essay writing process, your capacity to write an excellent quality conclusion will no doubt improve markedly.

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