There Are Always Two Sides to Consider When Writing Evaluation Essays

Write your Evaluation Essay with a Balanced Consideration of Pros and Cons

The term “evaluation” has several meanings. It can be to ascertain and fix a value for something. Or it can be to judge carefully of the positive and negative aspects. The same is applicable when you are to write an evaluation essay. The process of evaluation involves close examination of a subject matter and ascertaining or assessing its worth, benefits or other features. As the writer you must assess your topic and make a point of view about it.

Whatever your view point is, evidence is needed to support your view. This type of essay is very similar to an argumentative essay or an analysis essay. Your point of view is given backed up with evidence, of course, and the steps taken to evaluate are the same which is used for analysis. Evaluation is basically another way for you to closely examine and analyze something.

  • Read Comprehensively

Read the subject matter. Know what you are supposed to evaluate and research on your topic. You cannot evaluate anything without a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. Acquiring sufficient information to support your evaluation and the rankings of features will help you to write a proper essay. Your evaluation has to be unbiased. Therefore, both sides of the issue must be looked into. Your judgment has to be balanced and it has to be validated with proper evidence.

  • Examples of Intro and Body Sentences

The introduction must outline the main subject under assessment. Then the sub sections within the body can discuss each feature which is being ascertained. For example, you may be writing an evaluation essay on “Hybrid Vehicles” Your introduction will state in brief that Hybrid vehicles are now gaining popularity in the face of growing emission controls and environmental standards. A clear thesis statement such as “This essay aims to assess the advantages and disadvantages of Hybrid Vehicles” can lay the foundation for a good essay.

The body should discuss advantages such as reduced emission levels of carbon dioxide and other noxious gases. The reduced sound pollution is another benefit. The key benefit of fuel efficiency should also be highlighted. The tax rebates issued by governments to promote hybrid vehicles is another benefit. Then the disadvantages should also be addressed. These include higher prices, less usage of hybrid vehicles which makes repair and maintenance a specialty job which can not be attended by any garage or workshop and the fact that these vehicles also still use fuel to some extent compared to fully electric cars.

For each of the above sub points you must cite evidence from various sources. For example, cite the actual facts and figures of how much the carbon dioxide emissions are of a normal fuel combustion vehicle vs., a hybrid vehicle. These are available in the internet but you must choose sites which are reliable and reputed.

Finally in your essay conclusion state your own views of the primary subject and whether the pros and cons evaluated are balancing or one aspect is greater than the other. In the sample of Hybrid cars cited here, you may decide that benefits far outweigh the disadvantages.

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