Planning Your Essay Will Perfect Your Writing Skills

Essay Planning Is an Essential Element of the Writing Process

Once a student has come up with a topic for his essay, it is imperative that he have a proper essay plan before he begins the actual research and writing of it. If you think that you can plan out your essay after gathering your research, think again. The planning should come at the very outset since there are many benefits of it that can contribute to good writing.

Planning comes first

Planning your essay before embarking on any other steps in the writing process is advisable for many reasons. One of the key reasons is that it will cut short your research time. With a plan, you have an idea as to where you need to research instead of researching every possible thing about your topic. Otherwise, you will be left wondering what material is relevant and what is not as well as whether or not you have sufficient research material and whether it covers all relevant points. But if you have a plan for your essay beforehand, then you will know what research material to look up and the volume of material you will need.

Understand the essay question

Read your coursework questions carefully. You need to understand what is being asked of you. Try and figure out the key words in your question. Once this is done you will be able to form an idea as to how you should approach the construction of your essay. This will be the first thing you must do in planning your essay.

Write down your plan

Keep your plan brief. Use key words and phrases. This can be in the form of a tentative essay outline. This will help you recognize the important facts that you need in order to write your essay and also give you a brief idea as to how best the essay can be structured. Just as the body of the essay needs to be planned, even the essay introduction and conclusion needs pre planning if it is to be well written.

Plan the essay form

There are many ways in which to present your essay. Different topics need different styles and forms in which to write the essay. For instance, you may need to write your essay as an analysis essay or a persuasive essay. Yet another coursework may require you to write a design essay. Decide on the most appropriate essay form to be used unless this is specified in your assignment itself.

Know the applicable style

You will also need to plan on the style you have to adhere to in writing your essay. It can be that you have to use the MLA or APA style. As an essential step in your planning, find this out by referring to a copy of the style guide. Do not write your essay before you have done this as writing in the incorrect style will not get you a high score.

If your plan is well thought out then you can use it in guiding your writing process. This will result in a well thought out and well organized essay which is logical and concise. So make use of this valuable essay writing tool to enhance your writing skills.

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