Personal Essay: Your ticket to the College of Your Dreams.

A Well Written Personal Essay is Critical for College Admission.

Writing comes easily to some of us but others have to work at it. When you are required to write a Personal essay to accompany your college application, all of us search for the best writing skills within us. While writing this essay may appear simple and easy, you need to be aware of what makes a good essay in this category. By knowing the key objectives of an essay of this nature, you will be able to tailor your writing to meet these objectives.

* Purpose and Objective
This type of an essay is expected to provide a clear portrayal of your character and an insight in to your life’s aspirations, values, source of inspiration and career goals. The key objective is to convince your reader that you are worthy of being admitted to their institution as you will be able to add value to it as a member of its student body. Therefore, you should use the essay to portray your character strength, skills and abilities in a subtle but clear manner.

* Personal Essay or Personal Statement?
Personal Essays are sometimes referred to as personal statements. There are two types of personal essays. One is the general personal essay where you can choose your own topic and have a free reign in what you write. The other is, a written response to a certain personal question. An essential essay tip is to give sincere information that can paint a picture of your life in the mind of the admission officer.

* Few Essay Tips
Keep in mind the target audience this essay is supposed to reach. They are the admission officers and selection panel members of colleges you are seeking admission to. They are interested in knowing why they should choose you from rest of the applicants. So, tell them what is unique and distinctive in you and of milestone events and turning points in your life that has shaped your character. Also make sure you explain why you are interested in the chosen field of study and why you chose to apply to the particular educational institution. The essay also gives you the opportunity to explain any imperfections in your academic records. For example, you can explain how your scores were low for certain exams even though your previous scores were high which may be due to a rigorous training period you had to undergo for your national athletic meets. This information will not only explain the imperfections in the transcripts but also highlight the fact that you are a national level athlete.

* Make it Professional
What you say and do in this essay will reflect heavily on your character. For example if you use incorrect grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes, it will undermine your caliber and show lack of attention to details. So, make sure your essay is devoid of punctuation, spelling and grammatical errors. Your personal essay should portray you as a professional, so write as if a professional has written it!