How to Write a Thesis

A Thesis Paper Need to be written as per Set Guidelines

A Thesis paper is same as a dissertation paper and written as a partial requirement of a university degree. Here you will take a particular stand point or make a hypothesis and support it with arguments and evidence. Therefore it is essential for students in universities to know how to write a thesis. The main requirements that your research study must find something that is new and contribute insight and knowledge that can enhance the field of study.

First step of writing a thesis paper is to get a thesis proposal approved by the thesis committee. This is the same process as getting your dissertation proposal approved prior to a dissertation or research study. The proposal stage will include you deciding on a thesis topic which can be tentative. Process applied in selecting a good dissertation title can also be applied in to selecting a thesis title.

  • Formating Requirements

An important aspect of writing a thesis is that just like essays, these more extended academic documents also have formats to follow. The thesis should include a title page, an abstract, a table of contents, and a bibliography. Apart from the above there are acknowledgements, introduction, methodology, figures and pictures to support the body of the paper. These will depend on the type of the thesis written and the field of study. By referring to our posts on how to write dissertation, you will be able to gain additional information on this task.

Refrain from using informal language when writing. A thesis or a dissertation is a formal text; therefore, you have to write formally. Use headings and section headings appropriately and number your points for easy following.

  • Citations & Referencing

The style guides used for writing will depend upon each university as well as the subject area. For example a Law dissertation or a Law thesis will use Blue Book reference style while a marketing dissertation will most commonly use Harvard reference system. Other humanities subjects such as a history dissertation may use APA or MLA methods for formatting the thesis. You will usually receive a handbook at the beginning of your thesis project outlining the requirements. The formatting and reference style guide will be included in this. If you are still not clear it is always better to inquire from your thesis supervisor as to which method you should utilize.

  • Be Methodical in Reserching

Writing a thesis takes a considerable time and effort. To write a proper thesis you will have to research engage in in-depth research which covers the topic comprehensively. Your research should be from well respected sources and current. You will be overloaded with information during your research process and you need to be methodical in reading through them, making notes, highlighting the important texts, numbering the sources and counter marking them in your thesis outline. At the same time, you must take note to mark down all the citation information. Otherwise you will spend days at the end of work, trying to compile your reference list, having forgotten from where you cited certain information.

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