How To Write A Student Essay

Every student has to write many student essays during their college years

Student essays make up a major part of academic assignments of today’s curriculum. Unfortunately, most academic institutions give students writing assignments without the proper instructions as to how an essay should be written. It is therefore very important that as a first step towards writing a good essay, students acquire an understanding of how to handle this task successfully.

• Choosing the Right Topic
The first item in your agenda will be to choose a topic. To make your essay a good one pick an essay topic that interests you. This will make your writing more interesting to the reader as well, since you will write better because you like the topic. This also make sure that you have a good knowledge of the subject as its common to be better informed of subjects that you have a passion and liking for.

If the topic is provided for you in the coursework, give a deep consideration to the topic itself to identify the different facets and angles in it that you can choose to write on. Compare, analyze and explain the topic. Make sure that you have understood what your tutor expects you to address within the given topic.

• Thesis Statement
Focus on your topic by developing a thesis statement. It will be one sentence which gives your point of view about the central idea of the essay. This will inform the reader what you hope to accomplish in your essay. Draft a tentative thesis statement at the outset and amend it if you come up with new ideas while researching as well as writing.

• Researching for Material
Research your topic, so that you become familiar with it. This gives you the opportunity to form your own ideas about what you will write. Writing a short essay does not require extensive research but if you are writing a research paper or dissertation, extensive research will lay the foundation for a quality essay.

• Pre-planning
An essay outline is an essential element of essay writing. Outline your essay, by questioning your topic and grouping the ideas that relate to each other. Structure your essay logically with the use of the outline.

• Structuring Your Essay
The most logical way to write your essay would be with the introduction, which will tell the reader what you are writing about. The next step would be the body of the essay which tells the reader all he needs to know about what you introduced. The essay conclusion will reiterate your point of view in summary form.

• Stresses of Student Life
Number and variety of Student essays required to be submitted by students during various academic programs place undue stress on students at times. This is especially the case when other activities such as exams, coursework etc takes up your time. At such times, you may be compelled to seek some assistance in writing your essays and coursework. While there are many companies offering such services, choose wisely and enlist assistance from reliable sources such as coursework-writing that has many years of experience in the field.