How to Write a Good Essay

Writing a Good Essay Requires You to Follow Few Basic Essay Writing Guidelines.

An essay is a piece of writing on a particular subject. It is an attempt by a person to put together a group of words and form sentences which will form paragraphs which in turn will become an essay. However, writing a good essay involves following few guidelines. How you write your essay depends solely on you. But here are few essay tips that can be of help.

 Follow the Steps

Essay writing will have few basic steps. These include the prewriting, writing and post writing. If you know the basic steps and understand what you have to do as you progress through these steps, the task of writing a good essay will not be a difficult task for you. You will be surprised at how easy it is to continue your essay once you begin. It might even be fun!

Step 1 – Pre-writing
Selecting Topic – First and foremost, it is important to choose the correct topic. You may choose a controversial essay topic or a current affairs topic. What ever the topic you choose, make the decision carefully as it is an important factor in your essay. Choose one you are familiar with and has sufficient information on. Decide what you will write about in your essay. There are many ways to gather your information. You must research a mix of sources. The library and the internet offer access to a wide variety of material from which you can obtain and gain knowledge for your essay.

Analyze information – Once you have completed your research, analyze your work. Examine it in detail so that you can explain it in your words. You have to be able to define the weaknesses and the strengths in your research.

Organize your thoughts – Plan out on how to write your essay after going over your research thoroughly. Find Decide upon the stance you are going to take when you are writing your essay. You may start out thinking you could make your point one way but in the prewriting phase of analyzing gathered information you may decide to argue it out in another fashion. What’s important is that you checking out whether you have enough evidence to support your statement. More research will be required if you do not have enough material.

Essay Outline – Outline your essay before you write it down. Describe your paragraphs in your outline and jot down what each paragraph contains. Write a brief sentence about your paragraph. Think of these as your topic sentences. Once outlining is complete decide on the order of your topic sentences and rearrange the order if you wish.

Step 2 – Writing Stage

The basic essay format applies to almost all essays. Therefore, it is safe to state that all essays have an introduction, a body and a conclusion. When writing your introduction, make sure you start with a sentence which attracts the reader’s attention because it leads the reader into the main argument of the essay. State your thesis in a concise and precise manner.

The body of the essay contains detailed information and examples about your topic. Support your essay with illustrations and contents. Each main idea in your outline will become one of the paragraphs in your essay body. Support each point with well referenced evidence in the form of facts and figures.

The conclusion is the summary of your essay. It is similar to the introduction but it sums up your points and gives a final examination of your topic. You can end your essay with a final thought, a quote or a call to action.

Step 3 – Post writing
You have not completed your essay if you have not checked your spelling, grammar and punctuations. A good essay will be judged not only by the contents but also by your presentation. So take these guidelines in to consideration in order to write a good essay like a professional!