How to Write a Dissertation?

A Dissertation is the Most Challenging Work of Writing for any Academic Program

A dissertation is an academic document which is written in partial fulfillment of a Bachelors or a Masters degree or as the complete requirement of a Doctoral degree. It is a document which presents the findings of a student’s research on a particular subject. Without submitting a proper dissertation which will receive a pass mark, the student will not be conferred a degree. Therefore, knowing how to write a dissertation is of paramount importance to those who have enrolled with a degree program.

 Types of Dissertations
There are many types of dissertations. Depending on the subject the student is following, the dissertation can be a law dissertation, psychology dissertation, sociology dissertations or a marketing dissertation.

 Process of Dissertation Study
It takes a lot of planning and research in order for you to write a good dissertation. Once you have got your dissertation proposal approved by the dissertation committee, you will be allocated a supervisor. You must work closely with him and take his suggestions and guidance in to consideration. However, your work is yours alone so do not be overly influenced by contradicting and multiple suggestions made by tutors which will make you run around in various directions without a proper focus. This happens in rare cases when you are not blessed with a strong supervisor. You need to draw up a time plan and work according to it. Conduct a thorough literature review which will be a significant chapter in your dissertation. Designing the dissertation methodology and then executing the actual research study will be the next step. The data analysis and report writing forms the final step of the project.

 Dissertation Topic
Depending on the filed of study, a dissertation topic has to be selected with careful considerations. Without a good topic your dissertation will not be successful. When selecting a topic decide on whether it is relevant, whether research material is available, and the interest factor. Above all the topic you select must contribute significant new knowledge.

 Dissertation Format
A dissertation format is an area which needs attention as it needs to comply with the guidelines laid down by the institution. It consists of a title page, table of contents, dissertation acknowledgement, abstract, body text and references. Selecting a proper dissertation title is also important so that it gains the reader’s attention from the very beginning. Depending on the field of study, the referencing and writing style will vary from APA, Harvard to Bluebook.

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