How to Write a Comparative Essay?

Two or More Alternatives are Compared in a Comparative Essay

There are various types of essays which you need to write for coursework in your academic years. Some are more relevant to our daily life than others. For example, when we are required to write a comparative essay, it calls upon a skill which we usually apply on a daily basis. This involves comparing alternatives available for us to choose from. For example when we go shopping, which brand of fruit juice are we to buy? We will then compare the similarities, differences, pros and cons, the benefits and negatives within a split second that we signal to our brain to pick one bottle.

  • Relevence to Daily Life

This process of comparative assessments are basically applies to many areas in life. This sort of thinking patterns is required in work environment too. Which candidate to recruit, which TV or radio channel to choose for the company advertising, what pricing strategy to apply etc. are such comparative considerations. Therefore knowing how to write comparative essay is a skill which is beneficial not only for our academic life but even when we move in to our professional lives.

  • Compare and Contrast the Alternatives

Among the different types of essay writing this type of essays require comparing and contrasting of the alternatives under review. A useful essay tip is to draw up an essay plan and list out all the similarities and alternatives so that you cover all the areas. This will also allow you to plan the structure of the essay as well.

Suggested essay format is to have the introduction, the body and the conclusion. In the essay introduction you can mention all the alternatives which are being considered. Your thesis statement will outline that you intend to analyze the similarities and differences of the available alternatives.

The body is the section in which you will discuss all the differences and all the similarities or pros and cons or advantages and disadvantages. You can take each alternative and discuss the similarities first and then move to differences. Otherwise you can address both of these for each of the alternatives. What ever way you choose to structure the body should depend on the number of points you need to address.

  • An Example

For example, if your topic is to “Evaluate the Nutritional values of Fruits”, then you need to compare and contrast the pros and cons of few types of fruits. For example bananas are rich in vitamin D and C but full of calories. Oranges also have the similarity of having high Vitamin C but differs in terms of calorie level. Apples and Grapes are other alternatives to compare. Vitamin C and Calories are not the only aspects of comparison. You can choose to talk about acidity, carbohydrate content etc as well to enrich your essay.

Final stage is to write the conclusion of the essay. You may state your own preference from the alternatives and justify why you chose it, restating the supporting advantages of the chosen alternative.

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