How to Write a Comparative Essay?

A Comparative Essay should discuss both Similarities and Differences of the Subject

Most students are required to write comparative essays as a part of their coursework. This essay is an article written to compare two things allowing you to make a comparison between two ideas, objects, events, people or any other subjects. A topic for comparison can be two theories, two religious beliefs or two historical figures, etc. You will have to weigh the two items being compared equally. It could be two things which are similar in terms of its significance, but have crucial differences.

* Know your Subject
The most important factor that contributes to the success of your essay is to know your subject well. Whichever items you choose to compare, it is vital for you to know what you are talking about. For example, you cannot compare conventional fuel combustion cars with modern hybrid cars if you don’t know anything about vehicles as well as the new technologies. Therefore you need to choose a subject matter that you are well informed of and then ensure that your information on the two subject matters is up to date.

* What is being Compared?
Be clear about what you will compare. Categorize your similarities and differences. Write down all the similarities and differences you wish to discuss. Always focus on the important ones first. Never have too many comparisons as this will bore the reader, resulting in a failed essay. Put these points within an essay outline so that you preplan the flow of your essay and your writing is well organized

* Similarities? Differences or Both?
Similar to a comparison essay, these types of essays should discuss both the similarities and differences. Do not make the mistake of writing only the differences, as this will make it a contrasting essay. The essay is most likely to be written as a short essay within 1000-1500 word limit. So make sure you structure your essay and use the word limit in optimal manner, allocating correct weightage to the essay introduction, body and conclusion. You must not write a lengthy introduction or a very short conclusion but balance out the sections.

A number of general guidelines that can benefit your writing include:

 Make sure you have not repeated yourself.
 Use plain language.
 Clarify exactly what you are comparing.
 Have an interesting essay title to catch the reader’s attention.
 Make sure that you have covered all your points.

If written in the proper manner, with original ideas, good o writing skills and in-depth research, you can write an excellent comparative essay. But if you need some help, especially if you need an excellent pass mark or if you are in a tight time schedule and does not have the time to complete your own comparative essay, seek help of a professional writing assistance company such as Coursework They offer a range of services including excellent admission essay writing, thesis and dissertation assistance as well as general essay writing. Their professionalism will amaze you and their quality will delight you.