How to Choose the Correct Format for Your Essay?

A Well Formatted Essay Will Stand Out From the Rest

Essay writing is a very common assignment during academic years starting from middle school to university. But writing your essay is not the only important part in this task. Essay format is one of the crucial elements which set it apart as a good essay, from the rest. The format is as important as the essay content and therefore, a good knowledge of formatting rules and guidelines will give you and edge in the essay writing process.

 Essay Title
Begin your essay with a good essay title. The title gives the reader an idea as to what the essay is about. You can have your title on the top of your first page or use a separate title page for the title section of the essay. If you don’t have title pages, center your title and begin after skipping one line. This is normally called double spacing. When using title pages, it should be centered horizontally at the top third of the page. The title should have its first and last word as well as all the principal words starting in capital. You can use a question mark or an exclamation mark at the end of your title but not a period.

 Formatting as per Writing Style
The Modern Language Association (MLA) style is the most common when writing coursework and citing sources. If asked to write an essay using the MLA style, refer the MLA handbook, which is easily available in libraries.

1. Margins are standard when formatting. 1” at the top and bottom and on the right and left sides as well.

2. Essay should be left aligned. The expectation in these modern days of wide spread use of the computer is that your assignment is word processed and typed.

3. Double space your text, so that there is room for your teachers to point out errors.

4. Use a standard font. “Times New Roman” with a font size of 12 is recommended.

5. Only one space should be kept after full stops and other punctuations.

6. Underline your titles only when necessary.

7. Your essay should be printed on standard white A4 paper. (8.5” x 11”).

8. When printing, only one side of the paper should be used.

9. Number your pages in the bottom center or in the upper right hand corner.

10. Always start your bibliography or reference page in a separate sheet.

By following these guidelines you will be able to give your essay a professional outlook and also comply with the formatting requirements laid out by your college or university. Tutors always give few additional marks for properly formatted coursework and these extra marks can make a difference between a B+ or an A- .

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