Guidelines for Writing a Classification Essay

Classification Essays Involves Categorizing Certain Subject Matters in to Distinct Groups

The definition of classification means, a category into which something is put. This definition will give a hint to you of what a classification essay is all about. It requires you to break a larger subject into smaller ones and classify the subject matter in to distinct groups. Such an essay allows you to separate things that are similar.

 How to Classify
Classifying the sub items within the main theme involves grouping them into various categories. The question you will come up with at this point is how you will classify these items? The points to note is that you should identify common elements which will allow you to group few items together. The categories will be made up of the key elements of the main subject of your essay.
How do you categorize your classifications? This will be made easy for you if you sort things into useful categories and make sure all the categories follow a single organizing principle and give examples that will fit into each category.

 Prewriting Stage
If the topic of the essay is not assigned to you, pick a topic which is interesting and one you are familiar with. The main thing to remember is to make sure it represents a distinct category. Research is essential, so collect all the material on the items you have to classify. This gives you a better understanding of the subject. There are a number of ways to carry out your research. So don’t limit it to the modern means of the internet alone. You should refer to sources such as books, journals and magazines as well. This is especially so if you are writing this essay as coursework. Organize your information in an essay outline, stating the categories you have decided upon and the items that will fall within them.

 Actual Writing
Once you have completed your essay outline, you can move on to the writing stage. In the essay introduction, you need to outline the category clearly. The thesis statement should clearly state the items which you intend to include within the main classification. Brief background information of the items will strengthen your introduction.

Depending on the number of items within the chosen category, you will have to allocate the same number of body paragraphs. If you were to discuss three items within the chosen category, then your classification essay will have three body paragraphs and proceeded by an introduction followed by an essay conclusion. For example, if you are talking of different types of essays, then the three body paragraphs will talk about three different essay types. These paragraphs should describe the different styles of writing involved and use compare and contrast method to identify similarities and differences between these three types.

 Coursework-writing
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