Familiarize Yourself with the Types of English Coursework

English Coursework Can Come in Different Forms to Assess Various Writing Skills of Students

When in high school or college you are required to do assignments for your English class. This is called English coursework. There are many items in coursework, and all of them require quite a significant amount of writing.

 Essay Writing
There are many types of coursework. The first one is to write an essay. This brings out the student’s talents in writing and his ability to come up with creative and extraordinary ideas and express them in writing. The student needs to come up with an essay topic and be able to present his ideas, analysis and arguments within the chosen topic. These assignments also expect the student to display his or her knowledge of formatting techniques and proper citation methods.

 Question & Answers
The question and answer approach is another type of coursework. This requires you to read something given; it could be a book or any reading material, and then answer the relevant questions on it after completion of the reading. Question and answer modules are always part of the GCSE English coursework.

 Review Writing
Review writing including book reviews, article reviews, art reviews and movie and play reviews are another type of English coursework. This is a requirement assigned by most tutors as this prepares you to absorb and understand the contents of a literacy work through analysis. Romeo and Juliet essay is an example of this kind of assignment. You will be required to read and decipher the meaning of Shakespeare’s creation and write an essay explaining what you think of the work.

 Thesis Paper
Last element of English coursework includes the writing a thesis essay. This is fairly complex task where you have to choose a topic of interest, research, and write on it. Devising a good thesis statement that facilitates a sound discussion will be the priority in this task. Research can be done by using online resources, journals and libraries. Complete your thesis by writing a conclusion which provides the best solution for your thesis problem.

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