Essay Structure is an Important Contributor to a Quality Essay

Knowing the Basic Essay Structuring Rules is Very Important

When you think about writing an essay, it is important to know how the basics rules to be applied to the essay structure. If the basic structure of an essay is not adhered to, your essay will not get a good grade for your coursework. Therefore, it is vital that you know what are the basic rules and the key elements of a properly formatted essay. Take as much time as necessary for writing a good conclusion.


Essay title is the first part of your essay structure. Usually it should not be too lengthy. The title should have the first word and principle words in capital. While you can put an exclamation mark or a question mark, you should not put a period at the end of your title. Centralize the title and double space after it before you start the essay.


Introduction section is the most important aspect of an essay. You need to structure it properly. Give a brief outline of your topic and then state the thesis statement which is the last sentence of your introduction.

A strong thesis statement

The thesis statement is a fact or opinion that you will spend your whole essay defending. This establishes the subject and purpose of your essay and it gives the readers an idea as to what will be discussed in the paper. An example of a thesis statement for a discussion essay on “Implications of Same Sex Marriages” will be “This essay aims to discuss various social aspects which will be impacted by sanctioning of Same Sex Marriages.”
Don’t be too verbose when writing your essay introduction.

Body Paragraphs

Structuring the body of the essay is the most important in order to have cohesion and logical flow of your argument. This discusses all the key points specifically which are mentioned in your thesis statement. The body paragraphs open with a topic sentence. An example of topic sentence suitable for the above mentioned discussion essay will be “Same sex marriages can carry critical implications on the family structures and parental role models” Then this point is discusses at length, giving examples and evidence to support the issue.

Transitions between paragraphs

A key to good writing is to provide logical connections between ideas. This is the thought that links one idea to the next. It can be a single word or a sentence. Body paragraphs should end with a transition line which will indicate what the next paragraph is all about. An example of a transition line is “The implications same sex marriages will carry on existing legislature such as alimony payments for child support usually to be done by the male partner of a marriage is considered next.”

The conclusion

Essay conclusion summarizes what you have said but it should not be simple repetition. It gives the reader an idea as to what you want him to do regarding your essay, whether you want them to do, think, believe or understand now that the essay is complete. No new ideas are introduced at this juncture.

Remember that when you are writing your essay it is different from speaking. You have to use the proper tone and diction. Therefore, you should not use slang and informal language. Focus on facts and ideas and not on rumor. Avoid rhetorical questions such as, “what would you think…”

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