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English essays can be written in many different forms. Following is an English essay sample written in narrative form. The essay is written in simple language and sentence structures and in first person. The writer has assumed the role of the narrator and the story recites an experience which left a memorable impression in her mind. As you can see, the topic is a simple but close to heart matter and does need to be a dramatic or significant issue. What is important in selecting a narrative essay topic is to make sure you can describe how it left an impression on you. You can note how the writer use the title to pique the reader’s interest and then proceed with a properly structured introduction, body and a conclusion in the following narrative essay sample.

My short relationship with Monty

They say a dog is a man’s best friend. They also tell that having a pet dog is great influence in raising a gentle and kind child. All these factors coupled with the practical need of not having a pet to send to my son’s school “pet day” prompted me to get a puppy. This is the story of my dog Monty who turned out not to be mine.

My son had wanted a pet for a while and this need intensified when we received a notice from school asking for a pet to be brought to school for the pet day. In all honesty, it was me that wanted a pet more than my son. After much cajoling, persuasion and pleading I finally got my husband to agree to the idea, despite his continued resistance. In his opinion, raising a pet involved too much effort, patience and time which none of us had at this point of time.
We considered many options such as a German Sheppard, Coker Spaniel, a Pug or a Pomeranian. But after much consideration, we decided to have a Labrador. Labradors were supposedly gentle and kind and calm and that is exactly what we needed in our household. After much searching around we finally found the “perfect” puppy.
I have to say he was the cutest dog out of the litter. He was calm and not very nosy. The exact opposite of what he turned out as he grew from the cuddly bundle in to the great rollicking whirlwind of excitement. Later I read a book which said that the calm puppies are the ones to watch out for. In those puppy days, I was more excited than my son.
We decided to name him Monty after a story I had read to my son. Monty stayed his first night with me. I got up to take him out and petted him when he started whimpering for his mother. It was just like when I had my son. Only my son had diapers! I was overwhelmed at times by the trust in his puppy eyes when he looked at me and followed me every step of the way.

When Monty was six weeks old he fell off the stairs. This was a turning point in Monty’s and my relationship. Maybe the concussion he had altered his character. I really cannot say. But from this point onwards, he turned out to be a hyper active cyclone which made us seriously doubt about what we had heard of the Labrador’s disposition.
Monty loved visitors. He would come crashing into the house and greet people by jumping and drooling on them. We used to put him out in the balcony and close the door to stop him from doing this. That was when Monty would decide that he will go to the toilet there! He used to hate it when we locked him out and messing up the balcony was his way of throwing a tantrum!

We tried everything to make him into a good obedient dog, including having him trained. He was of best behavior with the trainer but not when he left. We were not having a happy relationship. Maybe it was because he didn’t have a male authority figure; maybe we were too strict on him. Whatever the reason, finally it was too much for us to accommodate his tantrums and misbehaviors. So, we finally decided that Monty was better off somewhere else.
When Monty left us, he did it without an ounce of sadness. He just jumped into the other car and sat on the seat and looked out of the window. And my son too was surprisingly not sad to let him go. Probably in his own small mind he felt that his dog and his mother are both better off without each other. We have not seen him since, but we hear that he is a happy and obedient dog who is much loved and pampered by his new owners.
Looking back at my brief relationship I later realized that may be Monty was just going through a phase of life where he needed patience and guidance. May be we needed to accept few of his peculiarities like his excessive love to meet and greet visitors that was part of his gentle nature. Whatever his faults, Monty was a very loving dog. He never nipped or bit my son, who in his four year old ignorance bothered and annoyed him immensely. But Monty was a picture of patience with him. May be we too as adults should have extended the same courtesy to our adolescent puppy which he extended to my toddler son. What ever mistakes that marred our relationship with Monty, I am truly happy that he has found his happiness today, even though my dog turned out not to be mine.

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