Effective Essay Writing is Crucial for Good Academic Performance

Essay Writing Skills Can be Enhanced by Being Methodical

Before we start talking about effective essay writing, it is best that we understand what an essay is. While it can be considered a fairly simple term, most of us might not have really wondered what exactly an essay is. Essay is commonly defined as “a short literary composition on a single subject usually presenting the personal view of the author”.

Apart from this formal definition, you can think of an essay as a means of expression in which we must tailor our subject, the writing style, structuring and formatting to suit the message we are intending to convey and the target audience that will be reading it.

Essay writing is a common task in most of the student coursework and therefore effective essay writing is critical for academic success. There are many skills to master and the challenge is to write an essay that is interesting, eloquent and captivating.

First step in effective essay writing is to identify the suitable form of essays depending upon the topic and the nature of coursework. This is because the type of content within different forms of essays varies greatly followed by the amount of evidence and examples needed. Contents of a Law essay will differ markedly from the content of a process and procedure essay. An illustration essay will need ample examples while a business essay will need a significant level of analysis.

It is also important for the writer to know the writing process or methodology which should be adhered to in order to be successful in essay writing. You need to follow three phases in essay writing which includes the Pre writing, Writing and Editing stages.

Pre Writing Stage

Pre writing stage is mainly about conceptualizing, brainstorming and planning your essay. An essay topic has to be selected, and an essay title should be decided upon. Consider whether the topic is of relevance and importance to you as well as the target audience of the essay. Availability of up to date and valid resources to draw reference material from is also and essential consideration in deciding the essay topic. Develop a tentative thesis statement and an essay outline. Finally gather and organize information which you will need in writing your essay.

Writing Stage

Next stage is the actual writing. The essay will have to be structured in to an introduction, body and conclusion. Use the essay introduction to acquaint the reader of the topic, and the main argument or issue. Use the thesis statement to provide a clear and precise idea of what the whole essay will be about, outlining the main point of the essay and how the essay will progress in developing this argument. Use authentic and concrete evidence to support the claims and points you are establishing in the body of the essay. Finishing the essay effectively involves leaving a memorable impression. Do this by including a witty comment, a call for action a thought provoking statement or a memorable quote.

Editing Stage

Once you finish writing your essay, it needs editing and proofreading. This stage is very important if your essay is to acquire a professional standard. Check for smooth flowing sentence structure, grammar, spelling and the tonality of the whole essay. Ensure that all outside information and evidence are cited properly as per guidelines and due recognition given to other peoples ideas which you have included in the essay. If all this seems too cumbersome a task, come to coursework-writing co.uk the pros in essay and coursework writing field. They also provide excellent dissertation help and proofreading and editing support. Science subjects usually suggest resistant materials coursework as one of the test assignments.

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