Doing Well in Your Romeo & Juliet Coursework

Romeo and Juliet Coursework: It’s All about Understanding the Play

Romeo and Juliet is one of the most popular plays written by William Shakespeare. It is a story of two young lovers, who come to a tragic death because of their feuding families. Very often this play is used by most high schools and colleges for literature studies and therefore Romeo & Juliet coursework is a common student assignment.

What it Consists of

Most students are unfamiliar with the drama and therefore, teaches spend many weeks trying to get the students familiar with Shakespeare writing. The coursework usually consists of essays, brief responses to content related questions; analyses of the language used, and character interpretations. These may be written in question and answer format or as essays.

Be in Audience’s Shoes

When writing, it is best if the student imagines himself to be a member of the audience and write what he hears and sees and in what way everything that he has already seen prepares him as to what is about to happen in the play.

Since it is a play and not a story, students will have to imagine what the play is like. They will have to imagine not only the characters’ lines, but also on how to interpret the tone of the character’s dialogue. Make sure that it is referred to as a stage production when writing.

Proper Knowledge

If a student is to do a proper coursework on Romeo and Juliet and acquire a sound knowledge, he will have to read abundantly available material on the play and the Elizabethan era, and the writing style of Shakespeare.

Actual Writing

Providing a proper essay introduction with a brief introduction to all characters will prepare the reader for the rest of discussion on the play. The body of the essay should incorporate your knowledge about Elizabethan culture, such as the language that was used, history of the role of theatre in Elizabethan society and the political events happening at that time play. Shakespeare was a master at words. He built magic with his words. Therefore, use quotations from the play and makes sure to cite it by act, scene and line number. A probing question such as whether the drama had anything to do with Shakespeare’s personal life at that time and whether he was writing about himself can be an apt essay conclusion.

Are we Literature Inclined?

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