Design Essays Are Interesting Writing Assignments

n Essays on New Innovations Can be Highly Informative

A design essay can be written on any topic. But if written on new innovations, the essay can hold much informative value to the reader. These essays address various aspects related to design of an object or a process. Such essays are common to be part of written coursework during undergraduate studies if you are following technology related courses such as IT, Web Designing, Automotive studies, Production process, Art and Design, Fashion design etc.

 Topic Areas
It can be an essay on designs of hybrid or electric car, a design of new fashion, designing of a new website or a video game. The designing aspects can relate to both aesthetics or to technical development process. It can even be written on a project design. The choices are limitless. The objective should be to find a topic that will interest the reader as well as the writer. This will help the writer to impart information with commitment while the reader can assimilate this information with enthusiasm.

 Essay Form
This essay can be best written as an informative essay. For example, if you chose the topic of hybrid vehicles, you can talk about the history of this new concept in automobiles, the manufacturers, and the models. The essay should explain to the reader how the hybrid car design yields better fuel efficiency and lower emission levels.

You can choose to write the same topic as a comparative essay. You can compare the conventional fuel combustion vehicles and hybrid vehicles on features such as fuel efficiency, emission levels, economy of usage and purchase prices.

 Design Essay Variants
While most design essays can be written on design features of an object, you can also address the designing process involved as well. For example, if we were developing a web site, then the process of doing it from the conceptual stage to final launch of the website can be outlined in a design essay. Same is the case involved in the development of software or video games and other Information Technology (IT) solutions such as Information Systems and Decision Support Systems etc.

Another variant of a design essay can focus on the fashion industry when talk about design trends, design process and role of designer in the design of various fashion items such as clothing, material and accessories.

 General Tips
Once a topic has been decided, research is the key to a successful essay. Note down everything you think will be important to your essay along with reference information. This will help you not waste time at the end of the essay and completing the bibliography. Most of us can not remember from where we cited the text from! Base your writing on an essay outline. This will help you write logically. Your essay should have an introduction, a body and a conclusion. Finally check for errors. Make sure you have cited your sources correctly, your language is formal and you have limited yourself to the length of your essay. These small tips can brush up your design essay to perfection.

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